Advice on accusation of academic dishonesty...


<p>I am from Florida and I am in a nursing program. A professor sent me to a student progress committee (student ethic committee). I am waiting for the results. They are making it seem like, even though I had a doctors note excusing me from the day of the exam cause I hurt myself the night before the exam and I was on meds because I still attend my orientation for my new job the same day, it was in some way academic dishonesty. Either way, I am awaiting the results to see if they even allow me to take the exam, attend next semester, and/or if I should be expelled. When I attended the committee they hammered me about the ethical implications and I didn't agree. I argued that this was an unforeseen event but I had to show up at the orientation or risk losing my future job or the chance of a job in the hospital, so, I had my girlfriend drive me to the orientation which was 5 mins. from my house but I didn't attend the exam because I was on muscle relaxers and Vicodin and I would have to drive myself because the school is a half an hour from my house and my girlfriend had to go to work. After being pressed repeatedly, I agree that I understood the ethical dilemma but it didn't give me a good feeling walking out the door. I am concern! Should I get an attorney for the appeals process?</p>

<p>About me: I am a senior, I am in my last semester (if they let go forward), I have never been in any trouble, and I have a 3.4 GPA</p>

<p>Yes, get an attorney. If what you claim can be verified, you likely have mitigating circumstance.</p>

<p>Thanks, I will look into it.</p>

<p>I would think that those in charge could "think outside the box" and realize that while on those meds, you shouldn't be testing or driving, but you could attend an info meeting while being driven by a friend (who couldn't drive you to the exam located at a much greater distance away).</p>

<p> did they know that you attended the orientation?</p>

<p>If you contact them again, use this analogy...</p>

<p>There are certain nursing duties that shouldn't be attempted while being on certain meds. That doesn't mean that the same nurse can't attend a meeting.</p>

<p>I mentioned it to the professor weeks in advance and told her that I would be come in 30 minute late to the exam. She said that was fine. Later, she asked me if I attended the orientation, I said yes but I wasn't going to come in to take an exam on meds.</p>