Albion or Aquinas?

<p>D is a Jr in mich with varied interests. Great writer doing well in AP Eng, AP Hist. Already visited UMich, UChicago, ND, NW,Oberlin, Kenyon, Albion. Wonderful visit at Albion. She is leaning towards smaller schools.<br>
GPA 3.95, #2 in hs class, taking ACT in Apr, varsity soccer cap, VB all-league, community service, NHS officer, Student Govt officer, vocal.
Interested in Pre-Law, English, History, Journalism. Does anybody have the scoop on Albion or Aquinas? Thanks!</p>

<p>Hi Mack! S is currently deciding between Albion and MSU. Depends on which way the wind is blowing as to which way he is leaning on any given day! LOVE Albion, DIDN'T LOVE (but had expected to) Aquinas. Besides being stronger academically, the facilities are much better at Albion. S started out (when first asked as a JR) wanted a small Catholic college where his profs will know who he is. So we visited Aquinas. He was really put off by the dinginess of the facilities and also the fact that the Track&Field facilities were actually located off campus. Plus, even though they are both small schools, Albion seems to take a more personal interest in the student.</p>

<p>The whole place just reminds me of a picture postcard of the perfect, small college campus, and so far everyone we've dealt with has bent over backwards for us. Plus, they have great merit $$ based on GPA and ACT. </p>

<p>My son is also interested in Pre-law and history. Albion has the Gerald Ford Institute for Public Policy that has a fabulous reputation. Also, they have a nearly 100% acceptance rate for law school. We personally know several top students(who could have gotten in nearly anywhere they pleased) choose Albion and love it! I have come to believe that it is the best kept secret in the Midwest. Don't mean to sound like a commercial! </p>

<p>We never went back to Aquinas, so I can't say much else about it. But I can say that I lean toward Albion because on the few occasions I've called MSU I was asked for nis SSN instead of his name. I know that is the reality of a big university, but it is a huge contrast.</p>

<p>It's nice to see someone else interested in Albion...keep posted on what you discover. Good luck!</p>

<p>Newbiemom: Just returned from Aquinas (Haven't been there in 30 years, since wife graduated). Some nice, new buildings, some improvements. Admissions treated D well. The Open House wasn't as "focused" as Albion. Pre-Law Advisor wasn't at the gathering but Admissions offered to call him over. D applied to Aquinas a couple weeks ago, good merit/financial aid. </p>

<p>Albion seems like a better fit in so many ways. They've kept in contact consistently. Application, FAFSA filed last week. Emailed early results of D's ACT Friday. Albion's merit aid package is better, academics are top rate. UM said too late to process application. Loyola reviewing app. but no scholarship $ available this late. I was hoping for more options for D, but I think Albion will be her choice soon as we receive something official. </p>

<p>Has your S chosen between Albion and MSU? Don't know anything about the Pre-Law program there.</p>


<p>I have friends at both. friend at Albion ended up with a cruel (CRUEL) roommate and went through hell with admin to get switched. Finally the parents threatened to pull him out and now he's with a new roommate and doing fine.</p>

<p>Friend at Aquinas is studying theater and likes it alot, but for some reason he spends like zero time on campus. He's ALWAYS back visiting the high school. Like literally 2-3 times a week. He must be taking a really easy courseload.</p>

<p>I'd say they're about equal academically. And their national recognition is about the same as well. They're not terribly well known outside of the midwest, but I think they're pretty strong in the eyes of grad schools.</p>

<p>S chose Albion over MSU! The personal attention really won him over, plus he has been accepted into the Gerald Ford Institute (he applied late so we didn't think he'd have a chance). Now that he's made his decision he's really excited!</p>