All New Applicants- The Process and Timeline

<p>Every year the college applications open on 1st August so that means August 2013 for the Class of 2018. Class of 2018 implies the folks applying in 2014 and passing out with Undergrad degree in 2018.</p>

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<p>Do we have to pay for every colleges we apply for? I mean is there any paying fees in the application forms or processes to apply for the colleges?? Suppose i apply for 10 colleges, do i have to pay for all the colleges' application process??</p>

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<p>Yes there is an application fee for each college that you apply to @60-70 dollars.</p>

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<p>More concerned about your college preparedness because most of your queries can be simply googled. Or is it just plain laziness. Either way college will be a huge challenge if you do not fix it. College work would require huge amounts of self reading, research and writing. There is no hand holding in college, whatsoever.</p>

<p>What are the general documents that we need to send via snail mail while applying? Also, how to mention the coursework along with the school transcript?</p>

<p>The coursework is self explanatory with regards to the curriculum you are followng. So I do not think you need to do that. So the transcript would include the subjects, number of years with each subject through 9-12 and your grade/marks. Apart from this something that helps you put your grade in perspective, ie. class rank if available, number of students and/or average grade of the class because that is what puts you in context of the rest of your class.</p>

<p>The documents that go from school in snail mail may include LORs, Transcript/Attested Grade 9/10/11/12 Report Cards, school Counselor/Principal's recommendation/write up on you as well as the school, International student supplement and /or anything that you are unable to upload electronically.</p>

<p>Do we also need to send school profile? What should that incude?</p>

<p>The college board has a link to help you with school profile,</p>

<p>Creating</a> Your School Profile</p>

<p>And here is the sample school profile</p>

<p>Sample</a> High School Profile</p>

<p>Remember this is just a sample and your school can use it as a guide. So if your school has not sent students to foreign universities yet, you can use that to highlight that you are the first applicant from your school. That can be shown as a "first" and is a positive, as an initiative, doing different, aiming high....along those lines. Being subtle and boastful at the same time.</p>

<p>We need to send both the transcript and report card?
And I am not the first from my school to apply to foreign universities. Couple of students have done it earlier. But I am the only one from my batch. Could this help?</p>

<p>Transcript is a single page document covering all 4 years of High School. The Certificates verify the grades mentioned on the transcript.</p>

<p>Since your school has had applicants in the past, I absolutely agree that it helps. But School Profile is always good.</p>

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<p>Just read a very interesting thread. Thought I will share with all of you.</p>

<p>"Why Do Colleges Care So Much About Extracurriculars?"</p>

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<p>what are the required documents for CSS profile other than the form 16AS? Thanks.</p>

<p>Check out the following links.</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>The</a> FAFSA, CSS Profile, and Other Financial Aid Documents | College Countdown</p>

<p>PROFILE</a> Goes Global</p>

<p>@anialways Thanks but I need to know specifically like, form 16AS, etc. Is there any other such tax forms I should know of?</p>

<p>Form 16 is the tax return form. I am sure that would be a required document.</p>

<p>Is it too late to start applying for universities now??</p>