Am I applying to too many schools?

<p>CA resident
GPA: 4.00W, 3.82 UW
Top 10% of class, maybe top 5%?
ACT: 33
Subject test: Math 800, Physics 700, Chemistry 700
APs: AP Calculus BC (5), AP Physics B (4), AP Chemistry (5), AP Statistics (5), AP Biology, AP Macroecon, AP Gov, (and took multivariable calculus at local college)
EC: Qualified for AIME in sophomore year, president of a few clubs, playing viola for 5 yrs in youth orchestra and quartet, train mma, train medieval sword fighting, about 100 hrs of volunteering, shadowed doc for 80 hrs (clinic, conference, lab)</p>

<p>I'm thinking about applying to these schools. Should I cut it down a bit? And what are my chances of getting accepted?
UC Berkeley
UC Los Angeles
UC San Diego
UC Davis
UC Irvine
Baylor BS/MD
UMiami BS/MD
Case Western BS/MD
Stony Brook BS/MD</p>

<p>That seems like a bit too much. I would only apply to the schools that you actually could see yourself going to.</p>

<p>Actually, since the UC's just require one application, it might not be too much. Perhaps you should consider applying to Stanford SCEA if that's your first choice so you can apply to even fewer schools.</p>

<p>I actualy havent been to any of these schools except for Berkeley and Stanford. I would love to go to Stanford...I probably will apply SCEA for Stanford. But for the BS/MD programs, the applications are due in early Nov, same as early action. Can Davis and Irvine be considered as safeties for me? And the rest 6 schools, I guess thats mainly where I'm wondering if I'm applying to too many of them. Since I havent been to any of them before, how can I whittle this list down? Or is it fine?</p>

<p>I think you'll be alright since the UCs are all one application - that basically cuts your applications to 7, if I read correctly. That being said, I think you should examine some of the schools you're looking at to make sure that you really want to spend the money applying there. In terms of chances - Stanford, Berkeley, and UCLA are reaches for everyone; the latter two may be easier for you since you're in-state. I don't know much about the UC system, though. I think you'll be competitive for USC, RPI, Miami, and Case Western, and I'm pretty sure you'll get into the others. Good luck!</p>

perhaps you did not see op has an eye on the BS/MD program in those you said "you will get into the others". BS/MD program is very competitive even more so than T10 schools. The admission rate in some program is like 1 or 2 percent. So I can say the op will get in some UC's but the BS/MD programs are always a REACH to any one.</p>

<p>Basically, a BS/MD program almost gurantees you to be in a medical school without going through another application process and taking MACT.</p>

<p>Hmm.. I wouldn't send that SAT I score. Just apply early action to as many places as possible. List looks good to me given the nature of applying to UCs. Emphasize the medieval sword training cause that's sick...</p>

<p>Note: after a bit of googling it seems that some programs DO require that participants take the MCAT; but not all.</p>

<p>So it wouldnt hurt if I just send in ACT, instead of sending in both scores? Yea the medieval sword stuff is hella sick, it's a lot of fun!</p>

<p>If I cut schools, it will be probably Baylor, Case Western, or Stony Brook. I'm set on applying to the rest of the schools. But then I do need to think of a reason of cutting those schools off my list, besides for the "I'm lazy to write essays" excuse</p>

<p>No, UC's have one app, like a poster already said. You will be fine.</p>

<p>Its always going to be a challenge to be accepted in bs/md programs, so you should apply to them all, don't be lazy. I know a guy got into the USC program, he applied all 9 plus more for safety.</p>

<p>Yes, some programs require MCAT some don't, it all depends.</p>

<p>Okay, thanks! I think I'll keep all these schools on my list then.</p>

<p>The mid tier UCs are likely-your GPA is their average if 4.0 is your UC GPA and your SAT is almost 200 points above their average, but they are not safe these days. I would add one lower UC because while some of the others look safe, their BS/MD programs are not so I'm not seeing a single safety. Stanford is highly unlikely as an unhooked student from CA, I would consider spending the time on all of those supplements.</p>

<p>Your list looks fine</p>

<p>I guess I'll throw in UCSC. That's probably safe? And yea, Stanford is very unlikely, but it would be awesome if I get in. Should I bother applying there?</p>

<p>I think it is fine. I am applying to ten schools and that is 12. My one friend applied to 14. Go for it!</p>