Am I competitive in admissions for Cornell and others?

<p>Junior in pretty good public High School on Long Island. Will be applying Early Decision to CALS AEM. Also would like to know if competitive in UPenn, Notre Dame, Wake Forest, Villanova, UNC Chapel HIll, Boston College, Binghampton</p>

SAT I (breakdown): 1930 700 Math 600 CR 630 Writing
ACT:not taken yet (hoping to score higher then SAT)
SAT II: Bio: 690 Math II: 730 US History: 710
Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0):3.9
Rank: Top 10%
AP Classes:Bio (4) am currently taking AP Lit and AP US (will probably get 4's) and will be taking AP Calc AB AP Enviornmental Sciences AP Government and AP Language Senior Year
Academic Achievement Award and High Honor Roll, Ap Scholar Award
Extracurriculars: DECA (president) DECA is a nationally recognized business club
DECA (Vice President of the County)
Freshman,Sophomore,Junior,Senior Class (Vice President all years)
Soccer(Varsity starter for three years and PLayed on international club team)
Football (PLayed during the same season as Soccer as a Kicker)
NAtional Honor Society
SOAR (academic excellence program which requires education seminars, community service,summer thesis and oral defense)
Marching Band,Honors Wind Ensemble(played Tuba, I know I'm a loser.)
Oversaw the Recording of up and coming artists in professional studio
Ignition mentor(helps freshman assimilate into high school)
Job/Work Experience:Web Design and Editing
Soccer Ref
Volunteer/Community service:Founded and run a Non-Profit organization which has clients stretching from New York to California, even to Mexico(raises about $1000 a week to a charity)(also wrote a business plan and sucession plan to go along with it)
100+ hours of community service non including my business ( including the planning of charity events)
Summer Activities:Sports, Music (can play 4 instruments and in a rock band) and working
Essays: Havent Finished yet but they are demonstrating by understanding of the business world
Teacher Recommendation:Both teachers like me very much haven't seen the letters yet but im sure were good (one from english teacher other from business)
Have taken 5 business classes throughout high school 3 of them being college classes</p>

<p>Other[list][<em>] State: NY[</em>] School Type:Public[<em>] Ethnicity:White[</em>] Gender:Male[<em>] Income Bracket: Middle Class[</em>] Hooks:None</p>

<p>Test scores need to be considerably higher. Everything else seems solid.</p>

<p>Yes, you are competitive for Cornell CALS, but your grades and scores are slightly on the low side. Extracurriculars can help, but only to a certain extent.</p>

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<p>Bad test scores and a laundry-list of clubs with no significant achievements. You have a shot at everything minus Cornell, Penn and UNC.</p>

<p>i hate bumping..</p>

<p>That SAT is kind of low.... you have to get it up before you are considered.</p>

<p>Chance back?</p>

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<p>Scores kinda low. But everything else is fantastic. </p>

<p>Bring your scores up and you will stand a great chance against any of those schools.</p>

<p>Chance</a> Me!</p>

<p>1950 best score and 1990 super score if that helps? i hate the SAT.....</p>

<p>^Sorry, but Cornell does not superscore</p>

<p>It really doesn't matter if you hate the SAT--if you want better odds at Cornell, you need a solid increase in your score.</p>

<p>hating the SAT isn’t my excuse lol.. It’s just going to be the death of me</p>

<p>Fiske 2010 says that Cornell would take the ACT with writing instead. That might be your path.</p>

<p>Your test scores are really holding you down, with that you won't be too competitive for the upper tier schools on your list imo.</p>

<p>Chance me back? <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>what would you say would be a good score on the ACT for AEM... 30 or over?</p>