Am I pretty much in to these colleges?

<p>So this year I have probably gotten around 50-60 college advertising letters saying I should go to their school. I am guessing they send them out to students at my high school because it is a top 100 school. My grades aren't very good (but I do have a 31 ACT), but because I have gotten these letters, and because of the school I come from, am I pretty much in?</p>

<p>P.S. I haven't really heard of most of them before, but I have heard of a few that I didn't think were that bad of schools (hofstra, fordam, etc)</p>

<p>They usually get your information from the PSAT or your school. Colleges usually send letters in order to generate likely applications. The more people who apply, the more people they can reject and the more selective they look, making them look really exclusive and prestigious in some metrics like the US News college rankings. </p>

<p>You might get into some or all of those colleges, but you might get into some colleges that haven't sent you anything yet too. I wouldn't read too much into these letters. After all, just because you see an advertisement on TV for something doesn't mean you can afford everything being sold! :D</p>

<p>I don't even bother opening the letters anymore, but I keep the all in a box, just for a memory from this time in my life</p>

<p>yeah I dont open them either, I just see the names on the front :D</p>

<p>If I (and some other students in my school) went solely by college emails and letters, we'd be "in" Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, UPenn, UChicago, and any other top school you can think of.</p>

<p>They're basically worthless.</p>

<p>Private schools send those out to everyone- they're desperate for applicants usually cause they're so expensive lol plus not too many people have heard of them.</p>

<p>I doubt all the Ivy league schools are sending out advertisements for kids to go to their school...</p>

<p>I know that Harvard does; they sent me one when I was applying. It even had a copy of the Common Application in it. It doesn't really mean anything; they hardly have a shortage of qualified applicants, and I was hardly up to their admissions standards.</p>

<p>Your letters mean nothing. Absolutely nothing.</p>

<p>the best ones i have received are Columbia, Cal Tech, and 10 from U of Chicago???(don't know why i don't even want to go there) but they mean absolutely nothing, right now i am collecting them and i will make something out of them later, not sure what yet thou.</p>

Your letters mean nothing. Absolutely nothing.


<p>For the most part, this is correct. They certainly don't ensure anything.</p>

<p>I've gotten letters from Columbia, Princeton, Cornell, MIT, Stanford, and many other top universities. I'm fairly hopeful that I can get into such schools, but these letters in no way mean I have even an above average chance of being accepted. I HOPE I do, but that hope is based on my grades, scores, etc.</p>