Am I reaching way too high?

I would love to go to one of these colleges:
UVA, Washington and Lee, UNC, Davidson, Williams, Amherst, or Vanderbilt
I am a junior, and this is my schedule:
AP English B
Honors spanish IV A
Honors physics B+
AP gov A-
precal B+
World religions (semester) A-</p>

<p>gpa: 3.6 UW cumulative
SAT: 1990 total (I took this October of my junior year without a lot of prep/studying, so I have plenty of time to improve)
CR: 640
Writing: 720</p>

-Girl scout bronze, silver, and gold award
-made the school high honors list for my grades freshman year and sophomore year
-clubs: connect(a service club, I was secretary/treasurer), humane society, opportunity international, habitat for humanity, Student Leadership Club (was a freshman advisor)
-captain of a jv sport sophomore year
-featured three times in my neighborhood magazine for girl scouts
-two varsity sports</p>

<p>-Also, I participated in an exchange program to Spain and I got .5 credits in Spanish for this
-I am attending a college essay program at Williams this summer, so I hope to have a great essay</p>

<p>Am I reaching too high? My top choice is Williams but I know that's a stretch

<p>You do have majority significant reaches. I add some solid matches and safeties. Are you in state for UVA or UNC?</p>

<p>No, I live in South Carolina so I'm out of state</p>

<p>I don't think yo're reaching too high, depends on how good your school is and also scores on AP tests, try to get SATs in the 2100 range though, please chance me back!</p>

<p>Everything you have is improvable. I wouldn't count on getting in everywhere you apply, but if you bring up your scores and your GPA, you're a good candidate.</p>

<p>thank you everyone! And cookie9919 I go to a rigorous private school and plan to hopefully get 5s on my AP exams!</p>