am I screwed for college??

<p>First quarter just ended for my school and i think i'm gonna get like 2 Bs on my report card......both of them in my AP classes.....i tried hard but i ended up with high Bs.......if i applied early to a very top school, am I SCREWED??
will this affect my chances for regular decisions at other schools????

<p>Two Bs are NOT the end of the world. You said you tried hard. That's ALL that matters. It's true, in the end, don't sweat the small stuff. Everything happens for a reason and two Bs will not ruin your college years.</p>

<p>Don't let something like that get you down. Remember, there's more to the application than just grades: extra-curriculars, test scores, essays, and teacher's recommendations. In fact, if you tried very hard and you put forth a lot of effort both in school and after school, your teachers may have something to write about in their recommendations. They can say that although you didn't receive an A, you were a very determined student or a student who wasn't only interested in grade but also showed an interest in the class itself. Or if you're not one of those students who show an interest in the class, you can start...</p>

<p>Hope this helps, and think postively!</p>

<p>thanks...i will try to do better during second quarter....!! then my midyear report won't look that GPA for 3yrs of high school is very good...but i'm worried that they might think that i slacked off or something since i got couple of Bs...i have to think positively...!!</p>

<p>listen to what college bound said he speaks the truth. Also the fact that they are high B's in AP classes is a positive. They see that you are challenging yourself with your schedule atthe very least. If you can try to bring them up to A's next quarter but high B's in AP classes are nothing to scoff at, particularly if the rest of your transcript is good. Also the school I applied early to does not look at first quarter grades, although that policy varies from school to school.</p>

<p>But overall just.... RELAX you will be fine :)</p>

<p>I don't think colleges even see the quarter grades. Most only require mid-year report, and ED decisions are made before it is available.</p>