Amateur Radio License?

<p>When I was 4th grade I obtained my technician class license for amateur radio. It is still active and does not expire for another 4 years. Would this be something worth putting on my college resume? I'm trying to get to major in mechanical or electrical engineering and my schools of focus are UC Los Angeles, USC, Virginia Tech and UC Santa Barbra. Also I'm considering taking up the general class and eventually the extra class tests to improve my resume. If it looks good on my resume, would it be wise to upgrade my license?</p>

<p>It's great! As long as you can provide verification in the event that is required, you should be fine and should definitely include it! I myself am worried about my own ECs. How did you manage to do this in the 4th grade?!</p>

<p>Thank you! I've always had an interest in electronics so when I asked my dad that I wanted to get my license he said sure let me help you (he's a software engineer and holds an extra class license).</p>