Amazon Prime Days July 15 & 16 2019

I don’t need anything but my H is looking for a beard trimmer and a wine opener.

Will be watching for a new wireless router. I have the $10 Whole Foods credit and another $25 or so in gift cards

The Amazon firestick is really cheap. We use them on all our tvs and cut the cable cord. FYI

My daughter has an old Kindle, which she says is “fine”, but I’d love to get her a new one.

FYI - We are returning our second Fire 4k stick. We bought the first Fire 4k stick a month ago, and immediately had weird glitches. I attempted to return the stick, and was directed to Chat instead of the usual return sequence. Amazon sent a new stick and told me to not return the first stick, but “do what I wanted” with the old one, which I thought was odd. The new stick caused the picture to become dim, and we have asked for a refund. This time there was no chat option, but we were directed to call or email. In the past we owned the original model fire stick, and then the box. We had no problems, but wanted to upgrade.

I don’t have any 4k tvs and the regular sticks works great

“Fire 4K stick”? “4K tv”? I am feeling so old and so out! ?

I need a new vacuum cleaner.

Got a Dyson “ball” vacuum or something like that at Costco and while back. It’s awesome!. If it’s on sale grab it

OK maybe not. Amazon price is over $125. 00 more then that I paid at Costco plus free attachments.

@abasket check out esalerugs. I’ve been very happy with a couple of purchases, and they seem cheaper than anywhere (just got an attractive 6x9 for about $100). As for Prime Day, I’m hoping for but not expecting a great laptop deal.

Walmart and Target online is having very competitive prices on a lot of things as well.

Just ordered a few things from Macy’s. My favorite bras are on sale for $12.99!

Roku is so much better than Firesticks. I will get a few Rokus if they they on sale.

Just spent the last 90 minutes on Amazon basically getting clothes for my kid plus buying a portable car battery charger.

Just ordered a new router (DH spent over a hour researching the options and selecting the one to order), some kitchen trash bags with odor remover, and some de-stinkifying laundry detergent for gym clothes that someone recommended on a previous thread (thank you to whoever that was)! Gee, ordered a lot of what we call “smell-good” stuff. LOL

Just picked up the Waterpik flosser I am going to need at 56% off.

If possible links to the deal you purchased would be helpful! :slight_smile: I will peek here and there when I can today to see what’s up. I sometimes like to look at the “lightening deals”.

I just ordered a $50 iTunes gift card for $40.

If you (or someone you want to gift) likes magazines there are a lot of good deals. 6 month subscriptions for .99 for many. Scroll down to see all the options:

You just need to watch the auto renew…it does say they will send you a message before they auto-renew.