American v. Fordham RH v. Howard

<p>So I'm currently deciding between these three schools >.<. As of right now, with the scholarships I've been offered, American is the cheapest (by a very considerable amount), Fordham's more expensive, and Howard is the most expensive. BUT, over the four years Howard could end up potentially being the cheapest. I've appealed Fordham's financial aid decision so I'm hoping they pull through and it ends up costing around the same as American (I should know by around Friday).</p>

<p>I really want a strong, well-rounded, liberal arts curriculum but I also want the freedom to dabble in other areas (i.e. business, communications, etc.). I'm strongly considering studying Film and if I do I'll want to double major (not sure in what). Diversity is really important to me. I love meeting people of all backgrounds (culturally, socioeconomically, etc.) but I would like a significant black student population. One reason I'm so strongly considering Howard is because of the great 'hbcu' experience that I've heard so much about.</p>

<p>I can honestly say I can see myself at all three schools. I want to say I'm leaning towards Fordham but the thought of giving up American and Howard leaves me unconvinced. I LOVE D.C. but I can see myself having so much in NYC too.</p>

<p>Any suggestions?</p>


<p>Go to American, its a fine school with less money/stress to be worried about.</p>