Amherst Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission


There might be a slight decrease in applicants this year: some selective colleges with a high volume of international applicants are reporting a small decrease in early applicants this year (e.g. Yale).


Does anyone knows when ED is coming out, will it come out this friday and how many students applied in the ED round?

Friday 12/10 at 6:21pm est - my son just got email good luck


Did they really say 6:21? So specific!

They do. It has something to do with their bicentennial.

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I gat the email too. Did anyone got an email on November 23 on which name they would like to use? I also don’t know why Amherst didn’t release the total number of ED applicants. Does anyone have an idea?

I believe everyone got 11/23 email about name selection. That has been done in the past as well. Not sure on number of ED applicants.

Nice to have a date and time. Hope you all get great news!


Amherst was founded in 1821–thus 18:21 EST. Good luck all!


Good luck everyone! I hope you all get the decisions you want! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’m interested to hear everyone’s results. Share if you would like to as we are a few minutes away!

I got rejected, international student from West Africa

Son got in. Athlete


My daughter was deferred (basically a rejection?). No hooks.

My daughter was accepted. Wishing the best for those who got news they didn’t want to hear.


Did the notification letters provide any details about the number of applications or acceptances?

Don’t worry. You will get admission in another good school.

That’s not what I asked. But I agree that everyone who applied will end up at a good school.

No stats at all. Just a reminder that Amherst is a small college and their decision reflects the unavoidable and significant constraints imposed by the limited number of spaces.