Amherst Regular Decision Class of 2024

Name: zaifu01 (yes enter ur username. idk why i put this field)
SAT/ACT Score: 1510
G.P.A(weighted and unweighted): 4 (unweighted)
Other unis you’ve applied to(post decision if any): Northwestern (rejected), richmond, vassar, lehigh
SAT II (score and subject): not given
Class Rank: 1
AP Classes: nope. school doesn’t have AP classes
Academic Awards: Highest Marks in Nation in one subject, highest in northern part of nation in another

Extra Curricular: Founded a social welfare project to fight a troubling social problem
Essays(1-10): 8 I guess? Some people said it was awesome, but I just didn’t feel it was flawless
Recommendations (1-10): My counselors know me extremely well, so I guess they must be good? 8/10
Additional Comments: I hope I get in :slight_smile:

SAT/ACT Score: 34
G.P.A(weighted and unweighted): School does not calculate
Other unis you’ve applied to(post decision if any): Bowdoin, Vassar, Swarthmore, WashU
SAT II (score and subject): 780
Class Rank: not calculated
AP Classes: No APs offered
Academic Awards: Writing and photography awards

Extra Curricular: Varsity athlete
Essays(1-10): 9?
Recommendations (1-10)9?
Additional Comments:

Good luck everyone! I got in ED last month and had similar stats

Good luck all!

Is likely letter/early write still a thing at Amherst?

Did anyone get an interview?

@KrazyKid Amherst College does not offer admission interviews.

We can begin to expect some of us get early writes the first week of March.

i just got in and applied regular!

Me too! Congrats

I just got in regular decision!

Where did you see decision?

@Hortenzija I was emailed saying there were updates to my application and also got an email from the financial aid office congratulating me

We never received email but we open financial aid notes with congratulations so we wasn’t sure!

I got in too! Congrats y’all.

Guess I’ll do this for future applicants:

SAT/ACT Score: 1540
G.P.A(weighted and unweighted): 3.91 (UW)/ 5.3 (W)
Other unis you’ve applied to(post decision if any): Brown (ED, rejection), Reed (Acceptance), New College of Florida (Acceptance), St. John’s (Acceptance), Cornell, Dartmouth, Carleton, Swarthmore, etc.
SAT II (score and subject): None.
Class Rank: 15/570ish
AP Classes: Human Geo (5), World (5), Spanish Lang (5), US History (5), English Lang (5), Macroeconomics (4), Gov (4), Calc BC, Stats, Art History, Psych, English Lit, Physics I, Environmental Science.
Academic Awards: TASP, Scholastic Writing Awards, did DIVOH.

Extra Curricular: Founded a club, did an internship focused on Latin America, helped start a literary magazine, was involved Model UN and a few activist organizations.
Essays(1-10): I don’t believe in rating your own essays. I wrote mine on being trans and having to deal with immigrating and coming out to an unaccepting family.
Recommendations (1-10): One of them was pretty lukewarm, I believe. The other one was glowing.
Additional Comments: I really did not expect to get in early for RD, especially after getting straight-up rejected by Brown during the ED round. I am beyond thankful and excited to attend!

does anyone know why decisions came out so early this year?

First, congrats to all admitted! Amherst is a special place. It certainly was a life changing place for me in all good ways.

Amherst has a new Dean of Admissions in his 2nd admissions cycle, and he may be a factor in the apparent increase in early writes this year. Amherst also realizes it is competing against other elite institutions in the RD round and that they likely have a better chance at getting early admittees to matriculate. You love the one who loves you back, and Amherst is showing the love w/early writes.

Do the early writes come out in waves?

@TRIPPIEREDD12 I’m not currently privy to the inner workings of the Admissions Office, but the vast majority of RD admits will come as they normally do in March. So those awaiting a decision shouldn’t fret that they didn’t receive early writes.