Another USC question

<p>Is the Dec 10 date mean due by 11:59 PM Eastern or Western time?</p>

<p>Also do we need to turn in any addition scholarship forms or no?</p>

<p>West Coast school, western time.</p>

<p>The additional forms are due for the scholarships that require them.</p>

<p>Can anybody confirm this?</p>

<p>I tried calling a few times today but got disconnected or had 25 people ahead of me,</p>

<p>Why are you wasting time calling when you could be submitting?</p>

<p>Im 100% positive on the deadline time. Its western time.</p>

<p>I'm 95% sure on the scholarship form. Why have a scholarship deadline of December 10, and then not have the forms due on that day?</p>