any chance to get a scholarship?

<p>I like USC and UCLA both, but I live in NJ, and it will cost a pretty penny to attend either. I figure my best chance of going to one of the two is USC because they give more scholarships. Do you guys think I have a reasonable chance?</p>

<p>Applying to Marshall</p>


<p>All classes are considered honors level, but unfortunately my school does not offer any APs. I took all the thoughest courses for senior year, which is advanced physics and statistics in addition to calc. My school doesn't rank, we are a public magnet school. All grades are unweighted. </p>

<p>ECs are decent
Editor of sports section of school paper
Taken classes soph and junior year for cisco ccna certification I plan to take in a few weeks. I'm one of about 4 left out of original 20+ to start course.
Multicultural club, maybe leadership position next year
Math club member
Basketball frosh year, baseball for a traveling team frosh and soph year
NHS member junior/senior year
I tutor homeless and abused kids once a week for 1.5 hours Junior/Senior year.</p>

<p>Work experience
2 summers working 40 hours a week for the Army in a business management office (took a 2 day class in Earned Value Management Systems while there). Also caddied and worked at baja fresh when I was a freshman/sophomore.</p>

<p>SAT scores
740 CR
730 M
690 W</p>

770 US History
680 Math II (retaking)</p>