Any chance?

<p>Caucasian Girl from Mass. </p>

V 670

<p>both verbal and writing will be over 700 in october </p>

<p>Im very into gymnastics but not D1 good. Ive been captain for two years, won many awards and done it year round with my club since i was 8.<br>
I also do outdoor track, math team, and environmental club.
Im the business editor of the yearbook in charge of all fundriasing and money.
Im a part of the peerleaders, who help the freshman through their first year ( a group of 30 picked from 200)</p>

<p>I know its difficult since i'm out of state, but if my application is in before nov 1st any chance? or any advice on how to make it look better</p>

<p>You've got a good chance.</p>

<p>If you're not taking SAT again, then you should send your application in as soon as possible.</p>

<p>Well the biggest thing is GPA, we need that to make a good guess.</p>

<p>nov 1st is a little late. only apply then if you really need those test scores for admissions.</p>

<p>Agreed with above. OOS you need to get it in early.</p>

<p>Wheaties, your SAT is solid, as are your ECs. However, as Epsilon aptly points, we really do need to know your unweighed GPA before we can really answer your chances question because Michigan deemphasizes the SAT/ACT. If your unweighed GPA is under a 3.5, Michigan will be a reach for you. If your GPA is between a 3.5 and a 3.8, Michigan is a match and if your GPA is over 3.8, your chances are good. Apply now, do not wait until November. If you apply now, and your GPA is over 3.7, you could well have an acceptance by November!</p>