Any difference?

<p>Does colleges care if I take math 1c or 2c and get 800 on either 1 of them? (I mean, does 2c have more weight on on colleges?) </p>

<p>And oh is it better if I take both of them?</p>


<p>IIC is better.
No. The IC is practically redundant, because of the increased difficulty of the SAT I Math. UCs do not accept the IC anymore.</p>

<p>oh ok thanks!</p>

<p>IIC also has an easier scale, so if you get the same number wrong on either one, you'd get a better score on IIC.</p>

<p>ICs are rarely used for placement these days.
But a high IC score shows competence in math.. so if you have time, why not take it?
i took both the IC and IIC</p>


<p>IIC - 790
IC - 740</p>