Any more rounds of Scholarships???

<p>SO i hear the first waive has gone out.....I just goty asked for a midyear report...are there still any chances for scholarships?</p>

<p>That Is A Good Question? I Got One Too</p>

<p>Someone posted on this board that he called the admissions office, and was told that all Trustee/Presidential had been sent out. I guess there's still the possibility of Dean's though...</p>

<p>I just called the USC Admission's office and they said that all the scholarships are being sent out in the next two weeks. So if you don't receive a letter saying you got a scholarship within the next three weeks or so, you probably haven't gotten one. But yes, there are more scholarships being sent out, though probably not Trustee/Presidential ones.</p>

<p>That is about the same info we got from the fin aid office.</p>

<p>It's interesting how we get different info. I just called USC Admissions also and this is what I was told:</p>

<p>All those considered for Trustee and Presidential scholarships (interview required) have been notified. No other acceptances will go out until the first week of April. This includes those recipients of Deans or Associates scholarships (no interview required.) </p>

<p>The only applicants who will get notified between now and the first week of April will be those who receive scholarships outside the admissions office like Alumni scholarships. No one has or will receive rejections until April.</p>

<p>Interesting... perhaps another person should phone and see what they say. Maybe the person I spoke to meant that people will be receiving scholarships in the next two weeks, and they have all been mailed out. But his words, and I quote, were "All scholarships will be sent out in the next two weeks." We need a third person!</p>

<p>I applied RHP and called the office. Diane (one of the ppl who works there) said that I would know by March and that the admissions department is still looking over my application. O_O</p>

<p>Sorry, a little new on the board, what does RHP mean?</p>

<p>Resident Honors Program - you skip senior year and attend USC as a freshman. Everyone admitted through RHP gets quarter tuition scholarship (which I'm assuming is the Dean's scholarship).</p>

Everyone admitted through RHP gets quarter tuition scholarship (which I'm assuming is the Dean's scholarship).


<p>This is the minimum, correct?</p>

<p>Yeah. Everyone is guaranteed the Dean's.</p>

<p>At least the Dean's though, right? Can they get higher?</p>

<p>In the RHP thread the people that were already accepted are Pres/Trustee nominees. So I guess so?</p>

<p>my info agrees w/ cc411
d got a nice (?) letter today telling her that while she won't be receiving an invitation to interview for Trustee or Presidential, she will still definitely be carefully considered for other scholarships/admission and will be notified of admission status beginning in April. The letter did request her to input her midyear grades via an online link given in the letter.
So now to wait and see how the other scholarships turn out, and how the gods of need-based aid treat us, assuming she is admitted....and of course to find out where else she is admitted..
she was disappointed, but the letter really is very nicely done...points out what a small number are actually invited to interview for scholarships out of the Dec. 11 applicants...those who have been invited for that are very high stat
it was nice of USC to give us the status in that way, even though we'd hoped for different news, it seems fair</p>

<p>This is weird. I just phoned and asked whether all the Trustee/Presidential letters have been sent out, and the admission's officer said that some are still being sent out. So I guess there's still a chance to get one of the big scholarships?</p>

<p>^OK, that's the last straw.</p>

<p>I am staying FAR, FAR away from CC until I get the letter in my hands. Haha.</p>

<p>These threads are driving me insane! </p>

<p>It's like :( I didn't get the scholarship
And :) there might still be hope
Oh maybe not :(
Wait :)!
No :(
Yes! :)</p>


<p>Haha so true! I'm in the exact same boat and I'm phoning them to figure this out, and they appear to be giving different information! So annoying!</p>

<p>Right now I'm about 70% sure I didn't get a Trustee/Presidential, because I can't sign up for interviews on the Caravan RSVP site. Then again, there was a person on this board that couldn't either, then they got an email saying they were in fact being considered. However, I may be getting an International Freshman Academic scholarship (half-tuition), which would mean I don't hear until later.</p>

<p>I just wish they would send me something!</p>

<p>I guess if you didn't get the letter, you still have a chance.</p>

<p>Yeah, I wouldn't trust the RSVP site. I had to call the admissions office twice to fix mine (listed only April dates, not the March dates for the presidential sessions).</p>

<p>I'm curious as to who else got an email notifying them of scholarships? I feel like I was the only one... (haven't actually gotten the letter telling me about it, but that's most likely because I live abroad, and right now I'm receiving mail postmarked in the first half of January... very annoying!)</p>