Any possibility

<p>I applied regular decision to the University of Maryland College Park and Baltimore County.
I live in Maryland if it helps</p>

<p>SAT= 700 verbal, 700 math
7 AP's by graduation (extremely hard courseload for my school)
AP World
AP Euro
AP US His.
AP Gov.
AP Lit.
AP stats
AP Lang.
Latin 4 (not an AP but it should be)</p>

<p>Rank=55/360 because everyone take gym and gets a 4.0 because of it
weighted GPA=3.6</p>

Captain of Cross Country team for2 years
Basketball team
Varsity Tennis team
Varsity Track team
Cross Country 3 years total
Created and am Consul(President) of the Latin club
Key club
Work at restaurant 15 hours every weekend</p>

<p>Great essays
Extremely great recommendations</p>

<p>MVP award for cross country
Dedication award for Cross Country</p>

<p>Is it possible for me to get into Maryland's Honors program. Can i get any scholarship money.</p>

<p>someone reply</p>

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<p>you will prob. get into the honors program ( I am not too sure of the requirements but your stats look fine) and you will definitely get scholarship money( again, I don't know how much is given to people with certain stats).</p>

<p>how much scholarship money? i am really in a pinch for money for college park</p>

<p>Yes, you'll get in -- I don't know much about the school but I took a summer course there and they had a seminar on admissions. They said the honors program people have SATs around 1300, maybe 1350 tops, and you exceed those. Your GPA is about average for their students... your extracurriculars aren't that great, but Maryland isn't ultra selective so I don't think it will matter. I think because you live in Maryland you will get into Honors and will likely get some kind of scholarship--dunno how much.</p>

<p>on the university of maryland website. it says like 1360 to 1470 with an average 4.23 gpa for honors. it doesnt make any sense to me. Or r u saying tops 1350 because i live in the state?</p>

<p>Come on people???</p>

<p>i am in 9th grade beaT THAT</p>

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<p>You'll get into Maryland.</p>

<p>Who cares about Maryland's honors program- you get a bachleors degree from Maryland nevertheless... Why don't you aim for more selective schools that reward a lot of financial aid?</p>

<p>the only thing is that i am only in the top 15% of my school. My school is not competetive, its just any old public high school. what do u think my chances are of being accepted to the University of Maryland though? Thank you</p>