Any Shutterfly-ers out there?

Please tell me that’s not true! I’ve been using Shutterfly for more than 10 years - I use them as gifts for myself, my D, and my 2 best friends that I travel with…I am the unofficial documentarian of our journeys and make us each (if I may be so humble) fabulous photo books - I am heartbroken to hear this news.

That said, our last travel adventure together was Feb 2020, we came home one week before lockdown, and I was tempted by an offer from Mixbook - I made my books there, and they were (are) every bit as nice as Shutterfly - have your wife give them a try - (oh, I just finished reading the thread…glad to hear Mixbook is staying the course)

It’s true, I just made our vacation book on Shutterfly last month and had a lot more trouble modifying picture boxes to fit our photos. Most were from our phones and therefore vertical, Shutterfly likes to use a lot of square shapes. And forget about rotating a photo. I would get it all rotated, cropped, reshaped, and then go on to the next photo and the rotated photo would revert back to a prior, unwanted iteration. I did get a book together but it was rougher going than it used to be.

My DD (a graphic designer) made me a book on Walmart and said it was easy to work with. It looks really nice too.

Dear wife spent a 95 degree, humid afternoon in air-conditioned nirvana starting her Mixbook photo book. Did 13 pages in the amount of time it took her to do ONE page on Shutterfly.

She is definitely a Mixbook convert!! Thanks to all again!!!


I had trouble even doing our Xmas card on Shutterfly last year. I thought it was just me :frowning:

I have used Shutterfly for years - have always thought they had the best options. That being said, I haven’t been on there this year - so maybe they’ve changed things (and not for the better!). Dang.

They used to have an advanced editing option where you could do whatever you wanted with the layout - not necessarily use their prepackaged 3/4/5 photos per page. I used that when I had to make a big memory book with pictures and text.

Will have to look at mixbook …

Hi-- my wife found that the advanced editing option was no longer available. Shutterfly seems hellbent on users just dropping photos into their templates and let the algorithm do the cropping, etc. This resulted in garbage when she tried this. She is loving Mixbook’s ease of use.


I used to use My Publisher and loved it, so much flexibility. I then did some Shutterfly books and calendars but haven’t made anything in about five years. Has anyone used Printique? It seems to get good reviews for photobooks. Buy Custom Photo Books & Albums - Printique, An Adorama Company

I’ve used Shutterfly (a few years ago)and Costco more recently. Costco was by far the better value, with more pages, a larger format, and cheaper price. It took awhile to learn the nuances of the program though. The older Shutterfly seemed more intuitive “out of the box”. I won’t go back to Shutterfly, however. I was very happy with the Costco quality, and it is worth it to me for the better value.

Since I started this thread I thought I should give it its proper happy ending. Dear wife made a book using Mixbook, found the website interface a million times easier to use than Shutterfly. The book just arrived today, and she is thrilled with the quality of the product. In fact, she said to me “I wish I knew about Mixbook a long time ago, I wouldn’t have wasted my time slogging through Shutterfly!”

Thanks to the amazing CC community that had the answers, as usual!!


My husband has made some wonderful vacation photo books using his Macbook and Blurb.

Thanks for this thread. Last week, I made our July vacation book in Mixbook. It was easy enough to use. I’d say roughly the same as the old Shutterfly. But I got the book in the mail today, and it is BEAUTIFUL. I am so excited. This may be my best book yet.


Great to hear! Dear wife thought Mixbook was MUCH easier to use than the current iteration of Shutterfly. And she thought it was a better book–photos looked razor sharp as compared to Shutterfly (same phone and camera produced the photos).

The fact that you can click on a photo, size AND crop it from the same view was delightful. Corners for sizing, handles at 12, 3, 6, and 9-oclock for cropping.

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The old version you could do that if you clicked the advanced editing option. I haven’t looked to see if it’s changed. But mixbook was great. I am a fan! And I agree about the quality of the pictures and book itself.

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I have made many great books on Shutterfly, so sad to hear this! Thanks for the tips.

I started a Mixbook last night just based on it being mentioned here. Still have some work to do. At first I did automatic pic fill but when it did that lots of the pics got chopped off - that’s not helpful!

Anyone want to share tips/tricks/shortcuts with Mixbook? Or share what finish you got - glossy vs. not glossy.

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I definitely don’t use auto fill. My books take a lot of time. My last one took about 6 hours.

My books are vacation books, so I first find a theme that best matches our trip. Then I review all my pictures and select the best ones that I might use and stick them in a folder. Then I import a days worth into mixbook. I see how many pictures I want to put onto 2 pages and then select a layout based on that number of pictures that best for the rotation of the photos. However, I usually have to size, move, and sometimes add more photo boxes.

I also now always add a text box about what I remember from the day, especially weird humorous encounters. Not all of my photos are pretty landscapes and posed family shots. I like lots of action shots - like our group hiking from behind. And also get things like pretty landscaped flower boxes. I even tend to put in things like our hotel and us getting off the shuttle bus or sitting miserably in an airport after the fifth delay. I also add the stickers and cute captions. I thought Shutterfly had more stickers to choose from, but the ones in mixbook worked great with my latest book. And it was easy to import a couple of my own.

I got the non glossy version and I sized it up. I thought it would be the same size as my Shutterfly, but it’s bigger. It must be 11x14 vs 8.5x14. But I love it. The quality of the book feels great.


Great hints! It’s good that you add text. My husband, who like Blurb (works well with his Lightroom photo app), made the first book or two without text. With my encouragement, he has started added text. That is helpful for our memory down the road but also as we show the photo books to friends.

Same here. My first books in 2013-2014 I didn’t use text. It’s just not the same. They are still nice, but it’s nice to have the memories attached to the photos.

I also used to have the kids create their own. It was interesting to see what pictures they chose to use and remember vs me.

My husband does lovely front and backcovers. When he opts for hardcover the spine title is very helpful (we store on bookshelf)… three examples:


First time I’ve seen this post, but I agree Shutterfly ruined a good thing. We called to complain and the customer service rep actually told us to write a formal complaints. Of course, they have all my pics now and it’s hard to switch.

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