Any success with NFAA?

<p>Has anyone on this board been successful with the NFAA scholarship program? Just wondering how much of a long shot this, as it adds its own level of stress to apply for onbe more thing, etc.</p>

<p>I just bumped up a thread for you called ARTS Awards? which deals with NFAA :)</p>

<p>Thanks BIGismama for bumping the original thread!</p>

<p>Tashmu, my daughter did NFAA, and I actually heard about it first on CC, certainly never would have locally. She won award but it's a worthwhile experience regardless of the outcome. There was NO added stress involved, in my opinion, because she was preparing for college auditions anyway. It just meant having one monologue and one song ready before Nov. 1 and making a video of it. There was no extra preparation and also it wasn't stressful to enter because it doesn't matter if you win or not. If you win, there are some nice "benefits." One is you can get a sense of how you might fare in a national pool of talented MT students, and if you are applying to BFA programs, it can be a similar pool of applicants. However, if you do not win one, it surely doesn't mean you will not be successful in the BFA admission process. I know people who entered who did not win any NFFA awards who now attend a myriad of BFA in MT programs, many top ones included. However, those who did win one, all tended to get into one or more BFA programs (of those whom I know). Recognition is always a nice thing and so a national award can be a positive thing on a college application. Notification comes after most have filed their apps, but you can send an update note to colleges if you win. I believe NFAA also sends a list of winners to these college programs, as well. </p>

<p>So, I didn't see it as too much of an extra, other than having to have one song and mono ready earlier (that can be a good thing though!) and lining up an accompanist (that was not hard for us as my D has a piano teacher) and then making the video (I made it). There is no pressure to win or be admitted to anything. </p>

<p>You ask if it is a long shot....well, the top 10% win a Merit Award and the top 5% win an Honorable Mention Award and the top 1% are finalists. Those are the odds and it is hard to say the level of talent that applies but I imagine it to be somewhat similar to the types of kids who would apply to a BFA program. So, just like getting into a BFA program has difficult odds, so does the NFAA ARTS Awards. However, you need to apply to "win", so go for it. If you don't win, so what, no biggy.</p>

<p>Thank you bigmama and soozie, ( I think I rmember you from the east coast board long ago) for the swiftest of replies! That definitely helps. You guys are the best!</p>

<p>What is the east coast board?</p>

<p>with Soozievt; not only was it NOT stressful but it's a good thing because it "forces" them to have at least one song and monologue "ready to go" , early in audition season. My husband spent an hour or two in the basement with DD shooting a (very) amateur video using CD accompaniment. She filled out the paperwork, labeled the DVD, stuck it in an envelope and voila, done!</p>

<p>The east coast actors forum board is a parents' website(mostly) for acting. I believe you used to post there several years ago.
Feel free to check out the current link at :<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Wow, I do remember that years ago when my child was much younger. The internet is a small world. We must have "known" one another there, lol.</p>

<p>Is this award only for entering freshmen or can any level student apply?</p>

<p>Here are the eligibility requirements with respect to age/grade:</p>

<li>You must be a high school senior, or equivalent, in the 2006-2007 school year.</li>


<li>If you are NOT enrolled in high school, you must be 17- or 18- years old on December 1, 2006. Proof of age will be required. (High school juniors of any age are NOT eligible).</li>

<p>So, this has to be your child's last year of high schoo. In other words, freshmen, sophs and juniors in HS cannot apply. </p>

<p>My D entered as a JUNIOR in HS only because that was her LAST year of high school, and therefore, she was also a senior (an early graduate). She had just turned 16 when she submitted her application. In fact, she was eligible to enter again last year as a freshman in college and in fact, could again this year as a soph in college but she has moved on and didn't have time or interest to do it again. But a friend of hers in her BFA program who had won an award like she had the last year of HS, was eligible also last year as a freshman in college to do it again and she did and won again.</p>

<p>My daughter won an award as a senior (16) in highschool and she also entered again this year as a freshman in college (17).</p>

<p>I think this is a great opportunity. As someone mentioned ealier, they have l song and monolog ready to go. You can also enter in more than one category.</p>


<p>My d entered as a Senior and she placed in two categories- top 5%(all songs) and top 10%.(monologue/song) (She is currently a Soph MT at Carnegie Mellon.)<br>
I think it was a great experience and it was certainly nice to have on the resume. It was a nice prep for college auditions (even tho she didn't use the monologue or songs at her college auditions.
I think it is definitely worth it! Apparently, the colleges are notified of the applicants who place each year, it can't hurt to give it a shot!!
If they place, it also opens up many scholarship opportunities.
Good luck!!</p>

<p>I can see why Lexismom won this award with her singing! We had the privilege of hearing her sing with some of her friends (freshmen MT girls) on an informal basis a week ago. These girls have most impressive voices!</p>

<p>I'm applying for this right now! Actually, I'm entering both the Musical Theatre and Jazz categories.</p>