Any way to increase my chances to get in a good college?

<p>currently i am a junior, and i have been lazy for too long. i did only 2 ec which were tennis and track. i have 3.9 unweighted gpa but i only took 3 aps and 3 honors ( so far). I took the ACT in winter and got 33, and am taking the SAT (I am predicating a 2100-2200 on the sat. )in the summer.Next year I am taking 3 or 4 aps, and i am also planning to do a lot of service over the summer. Is it too little to late to get into a ivy league, what about umich? </p>

<p>Btw i want to do some thing in economics in college. I took ap microecon and got a 5, and i am planning to take ap macroecon next year. I took ap us in 10th grade, ap world in 11th grade, and taking ap euro in 12th grade, i am also taking bc calc 12th grade. Are there any other aps i should take? Im thinking that taking an ap science class would be a waste. FWIW by the end high i will have took 4 years of a forgein language.</p>

<p>A quick question, does being the first in your family to go to a American college give you any advantage? I am noticed that it is sometimes written here. What about being asian? Sorry for asking so many questions, getting in to stanford would be my dream (probably wont get in though)</p>

<p>If your school offered many honors and APs you have not taken, or if in other words your counselor will not be checking the "hardest course load" box, an ivy is unlikely.</p>

<p>Definitely apply to Michigan, but do it as soon as applications can be sent.</p>

<p>i am definitely applying to Michigan, but i want to try my chance at an ivy legue, i might take the act again to get a higher score too.</p>


<p>take more AP classes for augmented GPA</p>