Anyone done room assignment yet?

<p>I have a May 28th date. The roommate I want is not until July. </p>

<p>It says I will be able to block off the other part of a room for him, is that true? It stays blocked out for the 1 1/2 month timeframe until it is his turn to select?</p>

<p>Thanks for the info.</p>

<p>I called housing and they said the new online room selection will be as follows:
If you have a roommate picked out to room with you, the roommate with the first date for online room selection goes on and picks out a room. He then holds a place for his roommate/friend. He must have the 2nd roommates UF ID # and possibly his gatorlink username to hold the space in the dorm room. That 2nd roommate goes online and confirms that he will be the 2nd roommate; he must confirm by the end of the next day (I think this is about 18-24 hours). Even though the 2nd roommate may have a much later online roommate selection date, he will benefit by confirming roommate status with the first roommate's selection date.
Link to info:
Room</a> Selection - UF | Housing & Residence Education</p>

<p>Use this great link by Chris R. from Jupiter, FL to preview map of dorms/rooms at UF:
University</a> of Florida Housing Floor Plans</p>

<p>yeah the hold is for 24 hours. and i heard someone else who had a may 28th selection date. that seems to be the earliest one.</p>

<p>My room assignment date was the 17th. My roommate's assignment wasn't until June and he had no problem accepting the hold I sent him when I applied for Springs and added him as my roommate. </p>

<p>Thankfully it's a really easy process to pick your room and roommate.</p>

<p>S logged on today and chose a room in broward hall. He was able to use his chosen roommates UFID# to hold the second space in that double room. (Roommate must confirm at housing portal within 24 hours)
Then, after entering his friend's UFID, they confirmed with his friends name. First you choose a hall, then a type of room (he chose a double for Broward)...Then he chose to show all rooms "equaling" two spaces for a double room. His only options in Broward were floors 3 and 4 to choose from---only about 15 rooms to choose from per floor. We printed out the 3rd floor map to avoid going back and forth from available room numbers to the map. He evaluated the various views from various rooms (courtyard, cafeteria), etc. It went great. Wish all students good luck in finding a great room!
P>S> S checked out google earth close up map of building to see various views of different areas of Broward Hall.</p>

<p>Does any1 know how many spots are still open? I'm looking for a place in hume.</p>

<p>I have to say that I think the new way that they are doing it kind of "sucks" for those kids who got their housing applications in early. Yes, you can pick your room and hold a bed for a roommate....but it allows those kids who didn't get their application in early to benefit from someone who did. So someone who wasn't supposed to pick until July met someone on line and they get to now go in June!</p>

<p>how does the new way work for the 'learning communities' There is one I really wanted to get into, but my date is not until july 12th. I'm starting to think the housing situation for me next year is going to be horrible.</p>

<p>It's amazing with the new system how the double rooms have gone if you are trying to pair with a roommate. Here are the stats for the two dorms that many freshman seem to want.</p>

<p>For a heads up for those male freshman who are picking, as of now...</p>

<p>Jennings has 1 room left and it's on the 1st floor.
Broward has 3 rooms left and they're all on the 4th floor</p>

<p>Broward and Jennings still has some space left for a single in a double room and then there are triples left.</p>

<p>^ is that true??? my date isnt until June 17. what about the female rooms in jennings?</p>

<p>gatormomma....My S was lucky enough to get a double on the 3rd floor of broward with his roommate. Others have asked my son to check on spaces available. Do you know if he can he log on and browse other spaces available for friends without risking losing his room?...I worry about that.</p>

<p>He can view other rooms but have him be really, really careful that he doesn't touch on of the rooms or he lose what he has.</p>

<p>I was just on a few minutes ago checking. As far as Broward is concerned for the males, there are some single spaces left in double rooms. There are no empty double rooms left at all in either Broward or Jennings. There are some triples left with 2 vacancies and then late application triples.</p>

<p>Now that it's closed out I won't be checking any longer because I'm fearful that I hit the wrong spot and he loses what he and his roommate have.</p>

<p>What about Rawlings? I don't seem to see anyone suggest that dorm and it's right next to Broward, and Rawlings was the same atmosphere as Broward and Jennings - or has it changed? Rawlings still has plenty of space left, lots of room with double spaces left.</p>

<p>can anyone fill me in on spaces available for lakeside and beaty please?</p>

<p>I did and I'm in at Jennings. There were only a few spots (10-15) left at the beginning of the choosing period so I'd imagine it's nearly all filled up there.</p>