Anyone have questions?

<p>i just thought id let this out there, that if any of you have questions regarding nyu, from an auditionee perspective (not a current student), please feel free to pm me. anything, dance portion, academics, w.e you want. now that im in there…my goal is to help you be the best you can be so that you can join me</p>


<p>I can help too!</p>

<p>Hey Chrisnoo and TheatreGuy!</p>

<p>I'll be the first to ask something- because I know that you, chris already got into cap21, and I'm pretty sure TheatreGuy did too.</p>

<p>Did you have to bring your own cd player, or do they provide one? I already have CD accompnyment, but I don't know how I'm going to play it!</p>

<p>they provide was a little boombox...but they let you test the volume, to see how loud you want your cd to be. they give you a little bit of time to test before hand. its nice if you can have your songs right next to one another on a track...that way you dont have to go back to it to skip to another track.</p>

<p>what are they looking for?</p>

<p>arthur bartow, artistic director of tisch said "We believe that smarter actors are better actors". at least thats what he said when i was there. so im assuming you need to be smart AND talented. and in your interview, display your intellect, that will help you. o yeah, also, be amazing in your audition. that helps</p>

<p>also, dress nicely. none of the other guys did. (even though some of y'all are girls)</p>


<p>Hey, I have been out of town, that's why I haven't been replying.</p>

<p>Chris said eveything prety well. I would definitely like to stress the testing of the volume though! Nothing is worse than trying to have to strain to listen to your music and still be acting at the same time. </p>

<p>As to what they are looking for, I believe your inerview is possibly more important than your actual audition. I have two friends that have both graduated from CAP, but when I was in the application process, boh of them said their interview got them in! I also believe my interview is what put me over the edge as a qualified candidate. They basically want to see your personality!! Be yourself. I know that sounds cliche, but really I was just as talkative and animated as I am in person when I was in my interview and I definitely felt that my interview went extremely well! And a longer interview is not always better. I know a kid who was in his interview for almost an hour and didn't get in where as I was in for 15 minutes and got accepted.</p>

<p>And as chris said, please dress nicely! I was in NYC this weekend and met up with a few friends who were applying to schools, and when I would go to their auditions, you wouldn't believe the number of people I saw in jeans! Please do not wear jeans. All those kids I saw just looked extremely unprofessional (well at least in my opinion).</p>

<p>Hi, my daughter and I are visiting NYU mid-april (her jr. year) and would love some insight from students in the Tisch drama program. Ideas, thoughts, suggestions, appreciated. We're staying at Union Square so we'll be close, planning to look at Rutgers, too. I won't bore you with all the details, but of course she's a fabulous actress, smart and pretty. GPA 3.38 (difficult private school) some honors, all college prep, starring and supporting roles in all high school productions and Honors performance ensemble class for 2 yrs. Thanks a bunch! Yep, I'm from the South...hey from Atlanta.</p>

<p>I attended the information seminar before my D's audition Saturday and found it most interesting that Mr. Bartow said that Tisch was primarily a school for ACTORS who sing and dance. I guess that means they are VERY interested in how you perform your monologues...My D was asked to try it a different way by her auditioner, I wish I remember her name. She only had a very short interview afterward.</p>

<p>contact tisch about an information session. i got a lot of my answers from a man there. pm me, i have his name somewhere, but idk if giving that out would be weird or stepping over bounds. but that info session, not on the audition day, made things a lot more clear.</p>


<p>I'll be auditioning in Chicago, so will that affect the boombox situation or dance audition?</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure that last year the advanced dance auditions were held only in NYC. There was no dance audition in Chicago or the other cities. These things can change, so check with the university about this year.</p>


<p>I currently have a SAT score of 1730. Not looking good so far but I plan on retaking.</p>

<p>For extra curricular activities I have been head of the media committee in church and vacation bible school. JSA member, stock club member, producer of literary magazine</p>

<p>In school I'm taking a bunch of science and math classes to raise my GPA [ ap bio, ap stats, honors physics, honors calc] and not one of them have anything to do with Film or television. I dont know my GPA but I'm a B+ student</p>

<p>I'm trying to major in film production btw. and for the protfolio I dont have a lot of previous work. just like 3 or 4</p>

<p>I'd really like to get into NYU. Think I have a shot? Be honest but dont be too hard on me</p>

<p>Does anyone know -- and if so, can they post -- the line up for this school year's show season at NYU? We are beginning to do college visits (my D is a rising junior, and we plan to spread our visits over the year and into spring before her audition season a year from then) and you all advised that, ideally, we should try to see a production on the campuses we visit. Forgive me if this has been posted elsewhere. I couldn't find it. We are particularly interested in seeing a musical, but a play would do.

<p>Hair is mid-october. I'll post the Tisch list that they sent us later tonight, but NotMamaRose, October is when I visited last year, and it was fairly quiet (not that many tourists/prospective students).</p>


<p>While Chris could certainly provide you the Mainstage season as it was in a mailing that came to students this week (sorry, I can't, as I have sent the letter off to my D to where she is living this summer, but yes, Hair is in Oct. and that is the only mainstage musical), there are LOTS of other shows at NYU beyond the mainstage ones. There are studio shows, for instance. The CAP21 studio shows have not been released yet that I know of. They have studio shows but also there is a second year student musical and a third year student musical in the spring...again, shows and dates haven't been told yet. There are also the GAP productions which are student run but apparently very high quality. My D has seen a few of these and was involved in one as pianist as well and has said how great they are. This fall, one GAP show is Into the Woods (my D is musical director) and it is in Nov. but I still haven't been told the dates by her (LOL) but these are set. I could try to remember to let you know when I know. Another GAP show this fall is Last Five Years (my D's best friend and roomie at school is understudy and will perform the matinee). There are many many other productions and plays all year. Believe it or not, even though my child is a rising soph at Tisch, I have yet to see any shows there, though of course she has seen many. I will be going to see Into the Woods. You can also keep watching the CAP21 website to see when their season goes up. The GAP shows for spring haven't yet been anounced either. As the year progresses, I can try to remember to let you know some shows that are going on. Seeing a show on a visit is a great idea. We only got to see shows at Penn State and BOCO on our visits and audition dates. Since you are doing these visits in junior year and are not tied to audition dates, you may just be able to coordinate some of them around show dates.</p>

<p>Soozievt and Chrisnoo, and anyone else: thanks! If you happen to know the dates for Hair and can post them, that would be great. We could most likely arrange to come see that, if I know ahead of time.

<p>Still hoping someone can help me by posting NYU's line up of shows for the 06-07 season .... I am especially interested in knowing when musicals will be performed, as I am beginning to plan a round of college visits with my D. Anyone?</p>

<p>NMR, funny you posted to ask because I did get some news from my daughter about some show line ups, but I don't have the actual dates for you. </p>

<p>First, we did receive a letter about the mainstage shows and I had to mail that to my daughter who is in another state all summer. There is only the one musical, Hair, in that particular line up but some excellent sounding dramas that appealed to my daughter, though the names of them are not ones you will have heard of. I don't have that here to consult, I'm sorry. </p>

<p>However, she also called to tell me some other news. The fall production at CAP21 studio is Evita. In the spring, the second year CAP show will be Pippin. The third year CAP show will be Cabaret. The spring GAP shows (student run) are not yet chosen. This fall's GAP musicals are Into the Woods and The Last Five Years. To be honest with ya, even though my kid is musically directing ITW, I don't even know the dates yet (though they are set)! If you find out, let me know, LOL :D</p>

<p>HAIR is Oct. 18 - 21. (Don't know the rest).</p>