anyone heard of VCU

<p>Virginia Commonwealth University?</p>


<p>does anyone know</p>

<p>Know exactly what about them?</p>

<p>well basically the whole school on average.
how is it, and its reputation and quality</p>

<p>I'm from va and its viewed as more of a safet if you don't make it into, w+l, uva, w+m, vt, or jmu. Their average gpa is about 3.3 and sats 1090 according to their website. George Mason has about the same averages for its students and probaly a better school to go to, unless your gonna study pharmacy which is pretty good at vcu i hear.</p>

<p>It is the place to go in Virginia for Art.</p>

<p>excellent psych department</p>

<p>It's important to know VCU is a very urban school. My friend's daugher, a freshman, has already been approached with people with a gun and took her purse. There were several rapes last year. It would not be a traditional college experience. However, it's art program is one of the best, and people do say it's a good academic experience. You just have to be careful.</p>

<p>Go for their pre-med program. But yeah, like the other person posted above...not exactly the most prestigious VA school...</p>

<p>Essentially, the VCU "campus" looks like a typical (if somewhat dowdy) downtown city block.</p>

<p>Tom- we looked at both VCU and Temple for my d. Gotta admit, there seems to be a similarity in campus atmosphere. VCU is very urban campus as is Temple. My d wanted to be near an urban area but not in the heart of it- so she wasn't overly excited about either place.<br>
Personally- I like urban schools. I think there is a vibrancy and good opportunities for internships etc. But it is definitely a personal preference. VCU is supposed to have a very strong art program.
My d did apply to Temple and ruled out VCU, but it may have been more so cause she wanted to stay closer to home in NYS.</p>