Anyone here familiar with UIUC

<p>So I'm applying for UIUC before the November 15th, priority filing deadline, so if anyone is familiar with the school could they tell me what are my chances of getting in
Computer Science, European, US History, Physics B, Calc BC, Microeconomics
English Lang. and Composition</p>

<p>Can anyone advise me on my chances of getting in? Thanks
BTW I'm taking 5 more Ap's my senior year if that helps</p>

<p>Come on, anyone?</p>

<p>are you going for engineering?</p>

<p>Either engineering or LAS</p>

<p>Your kidding me, right? You will 100% get in although your GPA might make some admissions ppl think, your ACT will put you through. However, Illinois courseload is very hard, it is intent on weeding out the weak. Engineering program is stellar but you will be packed with work so managing time will be key.</p>

<p>maybe not. if he is going to engineering, it is gonna be a match to a match-reach. As you said, indybur1, the eng program is stellar and the approximate SAT range, if I didn't remember wrong, was 1300-1400 last year. so a 32 ACT may not put UIUC as a safety. By the consideration of his GPA, UIUC seems a little bit reach for him though.</p>

<p>Thanks for the replies, I guess I can just hope for the best if I apply to engineering school, although I know some people just apply to LAS and then plan to switch or something</p>