Anyone interested in appleaing UC's?

Here is a link that I found and seen posted a few times…maybe this will help all of you who didn’t get into the UC that you really wanted to go to or felt you should have gotten into…I plan on appealing UCSB’s bs decision on me…hope it helps…

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<p>I'm planning to, but I just don't know what to say. I feel that I explained myself pretty thoroughly the first time around when I made my actual application. I mean, what 'new,' 'compelling,' information is there that a student could add?</p>

<p>Well, I got promoted to Co-Webmaster from Site Administrator at my school, so that's something i'll put. Also, I wrote my parent's income as 60,000 instead of 58,000 which I think affects comprehensive review at UCSD. Well, I haven't been rejected by UCSD yet, but these are just examples.</p>

<p>Well i took all 3 SAT IIs over again in DEC and all 3 scores increased. I sent in these scores officially but i never changed my "reported scores" to match these 3 higher scores. Do you guys think they used my 3 higher DEC scores when they reviewed my application?</p>

<p>I know my gpa from the first semester of my senior year would help...but besides that and saying that I WILL go to the school if they accept me I don't know what to say....</p>

<p>i might appeal davis if i dont get in. which is likely since i was rejected from sb with a 3.5, 1410, 720,740,750..ouch.</p>

Well i took all 3 SAT IIs over again in DEC and all 3 scores increased. I sent in these scores officially but i never changed my "reported scores" to match these 3 higher scores. Do you guys think they used my 3 higher DEC scores when they reviewed my application?


Yes, if you sent them those scores I'm pretty sure that they considered them with your application. I took the SAT IIs for the first time in Dec. and I didn't change the 'Reported Scores' and I've been accepted to 2 UCs(which, as you know, require SAT II scores).</p>

<p>well see the problem w/ appealing is that you have to have a good reason for appealing which is bringing them someting new they didnt know or haven't seen already. I would appeal for LA but what could i put unless someone lies.</p>

<p>Yeah see that's the thing. I don't really know any good reason to appeal except for things like promotions (and the like) in clubs/organizations/teams, and maybe finances...It basically seems like a chance to 'brag' about things you had to refrain from in the initial application.</p>

<p>I've heard that some people simply explain why they have a need to go into the school they're appealing...but shouldn't have that already been explained somehow?</p>

<p>Oh, and I'd like someone's opinion on one of the topics in my appeal statement; I basically wanted to go to UCLA for its Design and Media Arts program...first of all, because I am limited to stay in Southern California for college and and secondly I cannot go to let's say, a more 'prestigious' private or vocational art school...both set on financial disadvantagements. I wanted to go to UCLA because it has a well established program that I feel would compensate for not being able to attend elsewhere. Of course those wouldn't be my exact words, but would that be a good enough base for me to jump on and write my letter?</p>

<p>Well I might say like I've work hard, always wanted to go to UCLA, like clubs, etc but first we have to figure out last years stats how many spots were open, how many appeals were there, and how many actually got in by appeal.</p>

<p>My best friend appealed his rejection decision from UCSD and got in. He found out that he had been only 1 point bellow the cut off line for admission. Also, all universities have a set number of spots for appeals ... so take advantage of that! And although universities make it sound like appealing is difficult.. it really isn't.. at least for ucsd it wasn't.</p>

<p>And just as a side note: the thing that pushed my friend over the cut off line in his appeal was this small award that he had received for winning a french-pamphlet design competition in his AP French class.</p>

<p>thats too general of a statement how many people appealed to ucsd and ucla last year Appealing is kinda hard</p>

<p>Well it wasn't very difficult when he appealed... I think that if you really want to get into a certain school... and if you think that you should have been accepted then you should appeal.</p>

<p>thank you very much for the link- very helpful information. I plan to appeal berkeley or san diego if i dont get into either of those or my #1 choices. probably wont appeal santa barbara.</p>

<p>Anxious about UCSD, my dream school</p>

<p>UC GPA = 3.8
SAT1 = 1260 (630, 630)
Writing = 700
Math IC = 660
Bio = 600</p>

<p>-Youth Alive Club president = 2 years
-Interact Secretary = 1 year
-JV Volleyball = 2 years. Var Vball = 2 years
-JV Track = 1 year, Var Track = 2 years
-Journalism Campus Editor
-Youth group Activities Coor. + Praise Leader
-Founder and President of BAYAU</p>

<p>-A few awards
-better than decent but not outstanding Essays...</p>

<p>I'm ready for my rejection letter, but I'm also ready to appeal. But I worry that my appeal will be too...well...lame.</p>

<p>-My family didn't recieve income last year for 11 months
-I never took my AP Bio test because they didn't order enough for me
-I've gotten a handful of 89.9%s (B's), hahahaha
-I am already so focused on pursuing a communication major and career (hopefully so that they will look away from my math & science grades) =/.
-1st place speech contest award recently</p>

<p>I don't I stand a chance with the appeal?</p>

<p>i was thinking about appealing to ucsb, but now that i see they have a low acceptance rate, and more qualified people will be appealing, im hopeless now.</p>

<p>My sister got her decision reversed when she appealed to UCB a few years back
and I would consider his NEW info compelling:)</p>

<p>P.S. she is 1/29 successful appeals

<p>hypnoxs: what was your sister's new info...</p>

<p>and did your sister change sexes or is that a typo haha "my sister.... i would consider HIS new info..."</p>

<p>actually, s/he :) (stupid enough) put the resume and a lot of info on an attachment, which was thrown away.</p>

<p>then s/he got new awards and stuff</p>