Anything major happening at orientation for class sign ups??

<p>my friend is signing up for orientation but she's worried that AP scores won't be here by 101. Why do you need AP scores by orientation? I mean, for math she's going to end up taking the placement exam anyways since she didn't take BC..</p>

<p>You need AP scores by orientation if they might affect your class schedule. If not...</p>

<p>like what classes? I said if it's for math only, she didn't take BC, so doesn't matter in that case.</p>

<p>I went to 101 last year, and some people's scores were available and some weren't. If you don't have yours and really want/need them, you can do the College Board's AP grades by phone thing, which costs $8. I think it's probably worth it. My grades arrived by mail by the time I got home from orientation.</p>