AP history or honors english teacher-letter of recommendation?

Which teacher do you think i should have do my letter of recommendation? they both know me quite well, and both would write excellent recs, but i have to choose only 1 of them. So do you think i should pick my AP history teacher or my Honors English teacher??

Oh, this is for UNC-Chapel Hill

<p>Hmm... if they both know you equally, I would go ahead and pick the AP History teacher.</p>

<p>AP history, since you mentioned that first! Actually, could you give more detail, like to the extent of how well they know you, how you did in ther classes etc</p>

<p>I got A's in both their classes: we have the trimester system in out school, so i had my english teacher for 2 tris, and my history teacher for 3 tris, and i got A's in all of them. </p>

<p>I pretty much just know that they can write good letters of recommendation for me. I really dont know the extent of how much they know me, they just know me pretty well....</p>

<p>so should i still go w/my AP history, since you guys said that?</p>

<p>Well, if everything else is equal like you said, perhaps ask your history teacher since you've know him/her longer :)</p>

<p>ok thanks!</p>