AP Java

<p>This upcoming year, I will be taking AP java A. I have no experience with programming. Will AP java be possible with this lack of prior experience?</p>

<p>Also, does anyone know of any good resources (books, online websites) which provide solid backgrounds for the AP java A course. </p>


<p>Are you referring to the AP Computer Science A (or AB, don't know?) Java subset?</p>

<p>Yes, I am referring to AP Computer Science A but if I am not mistaken, it switched from C++ to Java two years ago.</p>

<p>i just got a 5 without knowing anything about java or programming before taking the class, so it is posible</p>

<p>I'm also taking AP Comp Sci next year, and I know a lot of kids that have done well in the course and test with no prior experience. However, it helps a lot if you are good at math, languages (somewhat) and have a logical way of thinking.</p>

<p>u dont have to be good at math, i have a near failing grade in calculus but found computer science to be a piece of cake, even with a bad teacher that didnt teach us anything. its pure logic, and math is nowhere similar to that</p>

<p>Thanks for the input.</p>

<p>That being said, does anyone know of some basic resources I could go over prior to school starting which would give me a solid yet basic background.</p>

<p>if your class is like mine, don't worry about it. the class is basically a joke, and the test is really easy.</p>

<p>It depends on the school. At my school, Computer Science I Honors is a prerequisute for taking Computer Science II AP and any further computer science classes. Other schools have AP Comp Sci as their intro CS class.</p>

<p>the test isn't that ez. To get a 5, you actually have to work throughout the year.</p>

<p>according to CB, there are no pre-req's to AP Comp Sci.</p>

<p>You should at least have taken Algebra. I took the AB exam(didn't take A), and got a 5. The AB exam is more a real computer science course, with a basic introduction to data structures and algorithms. A level exam is to see if you can program.</p>

<p>I would learn to program in java well if I were you. It is an invaluable tool later on in life.</p>

<p>Again, can anyone reccommend books and or websites which would give me a solid background in Java.</p>

<p>The test is really easy. I came into the class with no experience with programming and then got a 5. The test is MUCH easier than anything you'll encounter in any class.</p>

<p>jeez. i feel dumb then...</p>

<p>i got a 4 with serious study. my class was a joke though. </p>

<p>but i'm not dumb. i got 3 800's. bunch of 5's.
and i'm really good with computers. </p>

<p>i don't get it.</p>

<p>Reassuring yourself that you're awesome evanescenteuphoria.....</p>

<p>Well, I am fairly good at math and have some pretty good stats on standardized tests.</p>

<p><a href="http://www.sun.com%5B/url%5D"&gt;www.sun.com&lt;/a> read the docs </p>

<p>"I have no experience with programming." You might need a little depending on how fast you can pick up things...</p>

<p>thx sr6622 lol.</p>

<p>anyways...the book that I used in addition to the my school's horrible text is BIG JAVA. Several people on CC recommended this to me last year. After using it, I have to agree. It is excellent, especially for the beginner.</p>

<p>there's a tutorial on that site too, go ahead and read it</p>