AP Scholar?

<p>I notice that many of you are listing yourselves as AP scholars. How do you earn this title?</p>

<p>If you take so many APs and get a certain average score on them, you automatically become an AP scholar (or AP scholar/w honor, /w distinction etc.) Almost all of these are pretty meaningless as tens of thousands receive these titles every year. You can read about it in the AP section on collegeboard.com</p>

<p>Thanks, the website doesn't go into too much detail. Do you know what the rigors are of being admitted? Currently, I am a junior who has just taken AP US and gotten a 5 but I will be taking AP Microecon, AP Macroecon, AP Gov., and AP Stats this May.</p>

<p>Rigors? You just get the required test scores, and a few months later, a shiny envelope comes in the mail with a certificate.</p>

<p>You won't become an AP scholar until WAY after colleges have already admitted/denied you, don't concern yourself with it.</p>

<p>Thats not always true. I'm an AP Scholar with honor after my junior year. After this year...i may be a National AP Scholar.</p>

<p>Just an example...</p>

<p>andrw, considering you are always bashing other people, I thought you would know what an AP Scholar was</p>

<p>I guess you arent smart enough... you should go to a CC</p>


<p>I was referring to andrw313's situation when I said "don't concern yourself with it." I'm well aware you can become an AP scholar with honor as a junior, especially considering that I am one. My point is that colleges won't see what AP award you recieve for senior year tests until after they have made their admissions decision.</p>

<p>good point...didn't think of that...</p>