AP Tests?

<p>Hey I'm thinking about doing an intermediate Spanish class during the fall semester but I have NOT taken a Spanish AP test.
Do y'all know if there are any AP tests during the summer?</p>

<p>do you mean college board's AP tests..... or the placement tests given through NYU?</p>

<p>oooo good question... i guess the NYU tests.... how do you get a chance to take those?</p>

<p>AP tests are only given in May of each year.</p>

<p>Language placements tests are taken during CAS orientation. <a href="http://www.nyu.edu/cas/orientation/placement.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.nyu.edu/cas/orientation/placement.html&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>"Information on placement testing can be obtained from Crystal Parsons at the Office of Academic Affairs, Silver Center, Room 908."</p>

<p>ya college board AP tests are only give in May, but the placement test given by NYU is offered at orientations and probably suring welcom week.</p>