<p>Anybody got the APCD for AP US History, created by the CB? Please, I know one of you have it so can you please, and I repeat (<em>beg</em>), PLEASE, copy the mult-choice section of the CD and give it to me as a word document or something? ><a href="mailto:zxchen06@usa.com">zxchen06@usa.com</a>< PLEASE! I am bombing all the mult-choice tests in my AP class and seem to be gambling on every question; I just don't get the gist...all the choices seem right. I don't know: it may be because I'm studying thw wrong material? How and what should I study? Ok..now I'm just rambling but please, I can't fail any more of those tests, I seriously need the CD but cannot afford it. So any generous person out there: copy and paste the mult-choice questions onto a word document and send it to me by email... okay? <em>one last plead</em></p>