Applied for spring 2012 as transfer to MAE program

<p>I have applied to UF as a transfer student for the 2012 spring semester and I have a couple questions for anyone willing to help. I sent in my info early and they have had all of it for two months now, when can I expect an acceptance/denial? I realize it's a bit early so I may have to wait. I have 4.0 in my core, only Chem and Physics II left, and a 3.8 overall which I expect to be enough. Also, am I doing myself a disservice by applying for spring? </p>


<p>I'd say a good majority of the Fall 2011 transfer applicants are still waiting to hear back, all of which have to hear back by June 15th so I'd say you're going to be waiting til after then. I don't know what you mean by disservice... you're going to get the same education regardless of what semester you start.</p>

<p>Oh, also if you're completing any of your pre-reqs over the summer semester they may wait until after grades are posted for that to give you a decision.</p>

<p>That's good to know, I apologize for asking about admissions, I know you guys get a ton of questions about them. What I mean by disservice is that I students tend to start in the fall and that it may leave me attempting to catch up. I did not know they may wait for my grades to post, that is good to know. My main concern is that I will have to take Chem II for my second option school, so I will have to schedule it soon. I appreciate your all help.</p>

<p>You'll be fine, playing catchup is sort of relative to each student. There are plenty of students who graduate in December, some complete their courses faster and others take more time, and UF takes freshman and a ton of transfers in the Spring and Summer semesters so you're not going to feel like you're "behind" everyone else. They may not wait for your grades, but it happens a lot, so it's a possibility.</p>

<p>I also applied as a transfer for Spring of 2012, but to a different department. I applied late January, and they've had all my materials for months now, but I know they're still working on Fall applicants. I was told a decision would be made sometime in late August. Hope this helps.</p>

<p>A lot of spring transfers don't hear until October/November sometimes, so even though you applied early, you may be waiting until then. Preview for spring transfers usually doesn't even start until like, November usually, if I'm not mistaken... so they have time. Some colleges make all decisions at once (like mine) and let everyone know at once, and some colleges use rolling admissions. It really just depends. Even though they told you you would hear by late August, do not count on that - it could be longer.</p>

<p>Also - you are not doing yourself a disservice by applying for spring. It is true there are usually less spots for spring, but also, less people are applying (usually). As long as you exceed your college's requirements, you should still be competitive.</p>