Applying to McGill as an IB student

<p>Hi! I am finishing my IB program this November, and want to study International Business (Bachelor of Commerce) at McGill next fall. I wanted to know what kind of IB scores they expect to be competitive. I am hoping for a 37, but of course iI might get a 35 or a 39 because with these tests you never know -__- #iblife</p>

<p>Also, how do they weigh these in relation to high-school grades? My grades are good, not excellent. Especially this year I did very poorly in the first two semesters because I got hit by a motorcycle and couldn't go to school for 3 weeks, or type with my left hand, among other things, basically I really fell behind in one of the most important times of the IB program. I have gotten back on track and think I will do well in the actual exams.</p>

<p>Thank you!! :)</p>

<p>A few more details: I am a Canadian citizen but go to school in Lima, Peru. Also, I do Maths Standards (not maths studies). Also, I am not at the top of my class (I am in the middle), but the IB at my school is only 30 students, who are the top third of the grade.
I also saw on another discussion that someone was asked for their IGCSE grades, which I got 4 A*, 3 A's, and 1 C.</p>

<p>McGill enforces very rigorous minimum standards for admission. Here are last year's entrance requirements:
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<p>For Management the required IB score is 35 points with 6 in SL Math or 5 in HL Math.
You are just above the minimum so you should be a fairly competitive applicant.</p>