Applying transfer to NYU for spring term

<p>Hi! I'm a native homesick New Yorker who's currently a freshman at another college. I'm looking to apply transfer to the Sport Management program at NYU for the 2007 spring term. Since I'm only a freshmen, I don't have a transcript to send out yet from my current college and am in mostly introductory courses where there are hundreds of students, so it wouldn't be too feasible for me to get a recommendation from professors that don't know me. I was wondering if anyone else has been in this predicament and whether or not I need to send in a college transcript/rec, or just send in those from high school?</p>

<p>are you even allowed to transfer after only one semester for nyu?
i thought you needed to be at least in the process of completing a full year. whatever.</p>

<p>If possible, you could ask your school's registrar's office for a copy of your mid-semester grades and send those to NYU. You could also meet with your Dean of Students and ask him/her to send a letter in your behalf.
Good luck!</p>

Of course, a student is allowed to transfer to NYU after spending one semester as a freshman at another college/university. I have one student and one recent graduate, and they both have friends/acquaintances who transferred into NYU at that point in their college careers.</p>

<p>That's great news to hear. I actually called admissions today and was first told that I should transfer later on in my college career, but was referred to someone specializing in the school I'm interested in and it turns out I can apply. In terms of recommendations, with the due date being November 1st, would it be impolite of me to be asking for one, even from the Dean of Students with such short notice?</p>

<p>ohh sorry. i was thinking of nyu-stern.</p>

It certainly would be within reason to ask your Dean of Students if he/she wouldn't mind writing a letter in your behalf, even though it's getting close to the Nov. 1st deadline. The Deans are probably quite accustomed to being asked to provide such a letter, so if you say something to the effect that you're working against a deadline and a letter from the Dean would be greatly appreciated,, then hopefully, it should all work out. You still have at least a week's time to make the request and get it done.
Best of luck!</p>

<p>Thanks for all the suggestions. nyumom - i'll do just that and ask the dean of students for a recommnedation. The sport management has a fairly specific curriculum, so I'm hoping that works in my favor considering the logic that the sooner I transfer, the less credits I'll have to transfer and the better acquainted I'll be witht the program early on as opposed to entering it after an entire year at another institution in another program.</p>