Appropriate abbreviations on your app?


<p>On some online apps, the space given isn't long enough to completely write my info. For example, I'm taking a Multivariable Calculus class at a community college, but I can't fit "Multivariable Calculus (college)" on the online app. Does anyone know of any good abbreviations for these two things:</p>

<p>Principles of Microeconomics (college)
Multivariable Calculus (college)</p>

<p>Princip. of Microecon.
Multivar Calc</p>


<p>Calculus III is usually an accepted substitution.</p>

<p>what about writing FBLA, instead of future business leaders of america; and isef for intel international science and engineering fair; should i write out the full names the first time, and then abreviate in future uses?</p>

<p>best would be the first time to say " ISEF (Intel Int....)..." and then just use ISEF</p>