APs: Econ or USH?

<p>Both these classes fulfill my school's required econ credit, so i have my choice next year. My school combines macro and micro into one class. Which should I take? I'd like to consider the difficulty, interesting or not, and memorizing vs. thinking. Also anything else you want to throw at me about them! I'll also be taking AP Gov (US) and possibly an AP science. thank you!</p>

<p>APUS is definitely a harder course, and has much more memorization IMHO. Personally I find Econ more interesting.</p>

<p>I'd rather gouch out my eyes than retake APUSH. Really, that class is pure evil. Stick to the econ. :p</p>

<p>APUSH don't tell colleges u r taking some wimpy AP econ instead of the much harder APUSH. Or u can take APUSH and self-stduy AP econ. It is perfectly possible from personal experience. U can even study the two econs in three days and still get fours.</p>

<p>I LOVED AP US. My teacher was great, and the class was so much fun. I ended up getting a 5 also.....so that helps. Then again, my 2 older brothers also got 5's on the exam. I guess history runs in my family!</p>

<p>Now I am taking AP World with the same teacher.</p>

<p>Personally my favorite of the AP histories is European History, because I find the subject matter more interesting than US.</p>

<p>Econ is much easier... but take the one that you think will come closer to what you're/will be majoring in.</p>


<p>I've noticed that some colleges do not accept USH for credit. Does anyone know why?</p>