Are my EC's enough?

<p>Well, this is the first time I've done this so go easy on me! I don't quite know what's relevant and what isn't, but so far these are my EC's..
• Environmental Committee (helped set my school’s first Environmental Policy, effectively making it an Eco School)
• International Climate Change – Gold Certificate (It's an environmental program that I participated in - again, this was a new program in my school)
• Yr. 9, 10 and 11 Bake Sale For charity
• Hockey GK, Shotput 3rd Place, Rounders Team 2011
• Prefect Positions (Class Captain, Discipline Prefect, Clubs and Societies Prefect, etc)
• School Productions My Fair Ladyin 2010 then Sons and Daughters (2011)
• School Choir 2009
• We Are The World Choir 2011 (It's a charity thing my school had)
• Inter School Dance Competition (I wonder if this counts?)
• Internship at one of the best Law Firms in my country
• Beach Clean Up for a hotel next to the Indian Ocean
• Etiquette Training Course
• Academic achievement award 2009
• Student Council 2011
• The Importance Of Being Earnest Production 2011
• School Newspaper </p>

<p>Now I know I haven't done anything HUGE - everyone on this site seems to be so accomplished!! :p :p but where I come from, opportunities for students to do anything substancial are kind of limited..
I'm planning to bulk up in my junior year, because now I live in Massachusetts and there's so much more that I can do here but is this a solid starting point??
Opinions and ideas on how to improve are encouraged and even honored! (You get a virtual cookie!! ^.^)</p>

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