Are pre-professional programs really that important?

<p>I am currently looking into Occupational Therapy, and the school that I want to get into, Whitman College, doesn't offer any pre-OT programs. Many schools do, but this one doesn't. </p>

<p>Do pre-professional programs really matter?</p>

<p>Ask around at local institutions who <em>hire</em> OTs.</p>

<p>I have been told by my college counselor that as long as you finish the reqs for grad school, you are fine. They (grad school) actually like to see that you took different majors and stuff and explore other areas. Just fill the reqs.
It's kind of like what happened in Legally Blonde. Weird referance, but thats the best I can do.</p>

<p>The biggest thing to consider is how much it will cost to attend a school that has no OT vs. attending one undergrad that does. In determining cost you need to factor in whether attending a school where you can not make headway adds years to your education and thus cost.</p>

<p>Many kids don"t stay with what they think they want to be. So a good broad education can often be the best thing. But more and more kids are realizing there is no funding for their grad school of choice and that they can end up in a lot more debt than they had to by pursuing their career goal at the start of their college education.</p>

<p>if money is no object, take your time and leave your options open.</p>

<p>Good pre-professional advising is probably much more important than having a formal pre-professional program. Major in psych or sociology or neuroscience or biology and then go to grad school in OT. But you'll need someone to help you know what the prereqs are, what to look for in a program, what to take during undergrad, how to prep for the tests, connect with OTs you can shadow, connect with alumni you can get advice from, etc.</p>