Are SAT/ACT high enough for cal poly pomona?

<p>My SAT Math score is 520, and according to this -->Impacted</a> Programs the minimum has to be 550 for Math. My ACT is 21 and the minimum of 23. My weighted GPA is 3.536 and unweighted is 3.3902. I have enough seasons of sports. I'm in Civil Air Patrol. I've taken AP Comp, AP Spanish, and currently taking AP Literature and AP Stats. I just wanna know if I have any chance of getting into Civil Engineering at Pomona.</p>

<p>For the entire college of engineering, you need a 3.55 and a 1150/ 1600 on the SAT (reading/ math only). However, this includes a bunch of easy to get into majors such as engineering technology. Civil engineering has been impacted the longest and is probably the most impacted program in the college of engineering. I would suspect you'll need a 3.8 gpa and a 1250/ 1600 on the SATs. Good luck! Extra curriculars are not taken into consideration.</p>

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<p>I would suggest either CC->UC transfer route or settling for some less selective, non-impacted majors.</p>