Are the PSAT cutoffs going up or down?

<p>class of 2006- with fear of the new sat and many more registering for prep courses- oh yeah- those cut-offs could go off the wall FOLKS!</p>

<p>For this year's juniors, the semi-finalist cutoff won't be known until September of senior year. You'll know if you made at least commended in the spring of this year.</p>

<p>why it was said by me? because i'm an 06er. It's true tho...I didn't mean to bs anybody or any class but there are more than 30 kids in my class who have over 222 PSAT score (cutoff for semifinalist last year in Mass) and only 9 from the class of 05 got over that score last year...maybe Hyper2400 is right, the test is easier this year..</p>

<p>in response to hyper-yeah, i scored high on math and writing this year, while my english score only rose 1 from last year >___< the math was really really easy though..</p>

<p>Hmm... the Idaho cut-off last year was 208. Do you think a 217 will make it this year?</p>