Are there any college reps on these boards?

<p>I already sent a message to one. I always thought this was more of a student-site. If you are a college rep please respond to this.</p>

<p>I think there's one for UC Davis, another for University of Virginia, and some others I can't think of right now. (They probably won't see this thread.)</p>

<p>There's one for Tufts and JHU. I forget if there was or is one for MIT.</p>

<p>where can i find them?</p>

<p>They're everywhere, but you have to believe that they're there.</p>

<p>they're on the JHU and Tufts forums. what do you want to find them for?</p>

<p>^LOL @ GlueEater.</p>

<p>I work as a workstudy student for College of the Atlantic, so i'm acting as an unofficial representative for my college, basically meaning I can answer any questions that prospective students might have. As for official reps, they are usually announced, but as the news is constantly shifted to make room for updates, these announcements and hence reps are hard to find.</p>

<p>I'm an admission officer at the University of Richmond. What's on your mind?</p>

<p>UR Admissions</p>