Are these schools out of reach?

<p>Hey, I'm looking for feedback on my chances at these schools as a match/safety/big reach etc...should i add any specific schools or cut down the list?</p>

<p>my stats:
- white male, large suburban public school in Washington state
- 3.76 UW GPA (with about 3 honors classes per year...3 APs total with a 4 on the US History)
- 750v / 660m/ 690w for 2100 (1410 old)
- very involved in of drama dept. at nationally recognized HS drama program (lots of leads, won consecutive best actor awards, lead a 15 person tech crew, 14 hours per week all year)
- IMO very good personal statement essay
- political science major</p>

<p>My plan is:</p>

Claremont McKenna
Lewis & Clark
U of Washington (in-state...probably go for the Honors program)</p>

<p>any feedback? anyone?</p>

<p>Anyone want to do me a favor and predict safety/match/reach for these schools?</p>

<p>bump bump bump</p>

<p>Seem like excellent chances, I don't really know anything about your courseload though. The drama focus will play out well, and your grades and SAT are great. </p>

<p>Whitman: No clue
Hamilton: Match/In
WUStl: Reach/Maybe
Claremont: Reach/Maybe
Kenyon: Yes
Bowdoin: Reach/Maybe
Bates: Match/Reach/Probably
L and C: No clue
UW: Yes</p>

<p>thanks wtets, pretty optomistic</p>

<p>they're not reaches.</p>

<p>most are your matches</p>

<p>Any reason you're applying to Bowdoin and Bates and not Colby?</p>

<p>You'd have good chances at all three.</p>


<p>I just heard that Colby is sort of lame/overly preppy...not sure how true that is, I haven't visited. I'm not so set on Bates either, my brother says the campus is ugly, in the middle of nowhere, and yeah haha. I've heard only good things about all the other schools on my list tho.</p>

<p>I went to all of them...liked Colby the best...</p>

<p>Yeah, Lewiston (Bates) doesn't have the greatest reputation. Waterville (Colby) is not fantastic either, but Colby is a little more secluded than Bates is.</p>

<p>I don't know if you're going to escape the "overly preppy" feel at any small liberal arts colleges: they feel a lot like prep schools in the first place.</p>

<p>I go to Colby and I'm in a dual-degree program with Dartmouth. If you have any questions about Colby, I'd be glad to answer them.</p>

<p>Thanks dsack, i'll let you know</p>