<p>Upon checking my tracking status today I found that everything that I had mailed (reccomendations; secondary school report) had arrived a week ago - except my transcript. And today was the last day of school before 2 weeks ofhalf term, so I nearly didn't bother. Just to be safe I called my school only to find they hadn't even done one at all! (most people apply to the uk through ucas from here noone's too familliar with the application process).
They did sort it out though, leaving me to try hitchhike to school in the 40 degree heat, ouf. I have it now (finally), tis just waiting to be mailed (ack, I've never mpaniced so much in my life). It's still the 1st here (4pm); if I get it postmarked for today it should be okay, yeah? Or woudl i need to try send it by overnight mail or something.</p>

<p>lol yahhh i'd get dat in if i were u</p>

<p>no no dont worry the secondary school report and transcript are processed separately for ex. my school report was processed 11/11 and my transcript was processed 11/14 phanton, the first year taking questions (see other thread) also stated that , they are processed separately when i called once the guy on the phone said they are still processing and wwill notify you if anything is missing</p>

<p>yeah mine was processed 11/11 too (after sending it onthe 1st). it turned out my school just completely forgot to do a transcript!! (im international, hardly any peopel go to the us from my school every year). ah well its allgood now, or until dec 10th at least eek.</p>