Art student looking to transfer to UM or GMU...

<p>Hello...i'll try to break this down easy.</p>

<li>I'm 19 years of age</li>
<li>Graphic Design major @ The Art Institute of Washington</li>
<li>3.2 Overall GPA</li>
<li>School operates on Quarter system...10 weeks is a quarter.</li>
<li>2 year student</li>

<p>Now I am looking to transfer into the University of Miami first or George Mason University if I don't get into UM. I will be applying for UM's School of Arts and Sciences for Graphic Design and to GMU for Art & Visual Technology. </p>

<p>I know that UM's transfer students come in with a college average of 3.3 and George Mason usually falls around the 3.0 mark. A couple of concerns I have is the transferability of my credits. There are "rumors" amongst the student body here @ AIW that the credits are "difficult" to transfer for whatever reason. I assume because of the Quarter system...I'm not sure. The school IS accredited to my knowledge. So I don't exactly know the validity of the rumors. Of course as an art student, I take majority art classes...the only Gen Ed classes I have taken are: Composition, Research, Survey of Literature, Beginning Algebra, College Algebra, Speech,Career Development. If I were to take an average from these classes alone, it stands around a 3.4.</p>

<p>Reading the Transfer Requirements from Miami and George Mason, neither require High School SAT and Counselor Referrals. Exactly, how true is that for Miami? I believe I read a post here where a female said the school requested an essay, SAT, and counselor info even though it says it isnt needed for Transfer Students on the App. Also...being that I am a 2 year student, I will have had an Associate's Degree by the time I get a decision from either school. Do you think this increases my chances any? Another thing is that based on this quarter system...I have a final semester to complete which is supposed to begin in October and end in December. This means that my GPA is likely to significantly increase, but again I will have had a decision from both schools by then. Do you think I should note this when applying?</p>

<p>And overall, how you feel about my overall chances to get in both schools?</p>