Asian American Girl, dying to get into MIT

<p>Asian American
South Jersey
Public School of approx. 2000 kids among 4 grades
School sends some grads to top schools (last year we had two Cornells and three UPenns, other than that, nil)
Class rank: top 5%, either #1, 2, or 3 in a class of about 480</p>

<p>--Projected Senior Classes--
AP Physics C
AP Chem
AP Economics
AP Calc BC
Honors World Cultures (required! ack!)

<p>--Standardized Tests--
SAT: 800M 740CR 770W
SAT II: 800 Math II, 770 Bio M, 750 US Hist, 730 Chinese, (perhaps taking Bio E and/or Physics in Oct. Estimated score is >770)
ACT: none</p>

Bio: 5
Physics B: 5
Eng. Lang. & Comp: 4
Calc AB: 5</p>


Marching Band: Drum Major 1 year, Flute section leader 2 years
Varsity Math Team: 3 years, captain 1 year
JV Math Tea: 4 years
Science League: 4 years, Head officer 2 years
ChemClub: 2 years
Knowledge Bowl: 2 years
Jazz Band: 3 years
NHS: <em>gag</em> I mean 2 years
Renaissance: 2 years
Latin Club: 4 years, quaestor, treasurer, consul-wannabe this year</p>

<p>-Not School-
Chinese School: 8 years, graduated last year, volunteer at performances and stuff
All South Jersey Symphonic Band: 1 (hopefully 2) year(s)
Olympic Conference Honors Band: 1 (hopefully 2) year(s)
Volunteered at an Assisted Living Home for 2 ish years
Chinese School Debate team: 1 year
Played as part of a Jazz Improv group with my school for local fairs and school functions for 1(hopefully 2) year
Volunteered at the Franklin Institute as a CIT for a camp on the physics of sound this summer
I also run a tiny t-shirt making business. I will make you a t-shirt if my business hours allow</p>

<p>-Summer Enrichment-
New Jersey Governor's School of Engineering and Technology: competitive 4 week program for NJ's top students
All Girls All Math at University Nebraska Lincoln
White Mountain Flute Camp</p>

<p>--Achievements, Honors, Awards--
USSBA Marching Band Circuit: All-States Champions (07, 08); NJ State Champions (09) (hopefully another championship under my leading this year)
AMC 10 top scorer in school (99-ish?)
AMC 12 top scorer (81.5- let's not talk about this...)
New Jersey Math League top scorer in school
National Latin Exam: two silvers and 1 gold</p>

<p>--Leadership Roles--
Drum Major
Flute Section Leader
Math Team Captain
Science League Officer
Latin Club various positions</p>

<p>If it has any pull at all, I was also Homecoming Queen</p>

<p>I also am continuing to do research at Rutgers University with the head of the computer science department and the coordinator of The Governor's School of Engineering and Technology continuing from a research project I started at Gov school during the summer. Again, if it has any pull at all, our project will be demo'd at the Scratch Conference at MIT next week. </p>

<p>I will be applying EA</p>

<p>I am unsure of how my humanities rec will go, but my supplemental rec from my research mentor will be ballin'</p>

<p>Any other HYPS + Caltech chances would be very much appreciated. I will definitely try to chance back after I do some research of my own. </p>

<p>Oh, and I'm thinking either course 6 or course 15 =)</p>

<p>Wait i thought they took out governor's school for science, technology, etc in NJ?
How did you get in OP? Were you nominated or something?</p>

<p>Nope they left three gov schools, Science, Eng & Tech, and Environment. They took out the International Studies, Arts, and Public Relations I think.</p>

<p>hmm...your music experience isn't exactly on par with what MIT expects
usually you need to have played an instrument for over 10 years</p>

<p>psh, i got 2 golds and 1 silver in NLEs. You gotta work on that!</p>

<p>lol, jk about all that^ (although SATs arent all 800s :P)</p>

<p>sighhh, i was gonna bash you but given that you are a girl, you have a good shot at MIT
good luck!</p>

<p>--fellow GSET '10 member</p>

<p>antimonywires.... who ARE you? =)</p>

<p>Most likely acceptance at MIT. Good luck.</p>

<p>Likely chances for HYPSM. But just so you would know, there are plenty of excellent schools out there other than HYPSMC.</p>

<p>Honestly, Being a girl, I think you have a pretty good chance at HYPSM. Obviously nobody is a guaranteed "in" but your chances are still good. And RML is right, there are a lot of other schools out there that will offer everything you're looking for.</p>

<p>Your scores, while great, is extremely common for MIT, nevermind Asian applicants to MIT. Your ECs are also a bit...common. Glancing at what you wrote EC-wise, you look like the average Asian applicant to HYPSM schools. Nothing stands out on its own or seems extremely impressive.</p>

<p>However, MIT cannot fill its freshman class if it only accepted extraordinarily impressive students. I would say you are a borderline case, because your scores and ECs, when it comes down to the bare bones or everything, fall flat. Too common, not particularly unique or outstanding, "typical Asian", etc. </p>

<p>But with a second look-over, you seem like a pretty involved and dedicated student. You spent your summers productively and you've earned some solid awards. If you can show adcoms that you will make a considerable impact/contribution to the community at MIT, you have a good shot.</p>

<p>^^ TechGuy - being a girl will not make a difference at HYPS. In fact, i was looking at individual school admissions statistics from 2009-2010, and there are more girls that apply to HYPS and girls face a slightly (and highly insignificant) lower admit rate. You're right about MIT though. Just thought I'd clear that up.</p>

<p>why would you take Bio E if you've already scored 750+ on Bio M? Take Physics instead for sure</p>

Varsity Math Team


Haha I didn't know there was a varsity math team. I thought the term "varsity" only applied to sports?</p>

<p>Also, most likely acceptance at Cal Tech as well.</p>

<p>yeah, we have a travel math team that competes in regional competitions. however it's selective and you have to pass a certain test. Otherwise, you can just walk onto the regular math team.</p>

<p>I would definitely play up your non-academic extracurriculars. Otherwise, your chances look pretty good.</p>