Attended CC for 1 semester, failed classes. Will a FERPA block prevent colleges from knowing?

I know the risks associated with omitting transcripts. But according to what I’ve read, this should work. The CC I went to allows you to prevent FERPA disclosure (unless I re-authorize them to do so in writing). This would prevent institutions from being able to find my record on the National Student Research Clearhouse Database, which is what’s used to bust students who omit transcripts.


No. Read the Ferpa descriptions.

You’re right, I misread, there are exceptions for legitimate educational officials. Guess I’m doomed forever then, as my current university won’t allow me to change majors (hate my current major), and I won’t be accepted to any university I apply to.

You got into your current university, why do you think you won’t be able to transfer to a different one?

Good job reading the info.

If you’re applying for a different major at another college, why does the first one’s policy matter?

You need to be qualified for the new target and major, but if so, what holds you back?

If needed, check fin aid policies for transfers.