Australian needs help with college choice

<p>Hi there guys.</p>

<p>I am an Australian-American citizen living in Australia, but planning to attend college in the states in September 2012.</p>

<p>At the moment, I am studying for my advanced diploma in sports management (SM) and have decided that if I went over to the states I would like to study a major in marketing with hopefully a minor in SM.</p>

<p>I am looking at schools particularly in the NorthEast, and two schools I am really interested in are Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), and University of New Hampshire (UNH).</p>

<p>I have to plan for every situation just in case, so could anyone help me out with their viewpoint on these schools? Including any reports they have if they have visited the campuses? Or if they could suggest for me to look at other schools in tue NorthEast?</p>

<p>Thanks, much love from Australia, TrueBlue92 ;)</p>

<p>TrueBlue92 -</p>

<p>I'm not at the computer that has my list of US citizens abroad, so I'll send that to you later. The only one I can remember off the top of my head from Australia is beeish. You can find that person's posts using the search function here.</p>

<p>You have certain advantages (you can take out student loans, and you qualify for federally determined financial aid) over "true" international students, but you also face some special challenges because you have been educated outside the US. I'd start by paying a visit to the closest office of EducationUSA and having a chat with the counselors there. If no one in that office has worked with a US citizen lately, they have colleagues in other offices who have. EducationUSA</a> - Find an Advising Center These counselors should be able to help you identify colleges/universities in the US that will work well for you. </p>

<p>Wishing you all the best!</p>

<p>Maybe you could post for help at the specific school's forums too ;)</p>

<p>How long is your advanced diploma course? I'm under the impression that if you apply for college in the States, you'll still be considered as freshman. I'm also an Australian-American citizen. In some aspects I was treated as an international student, and in others (good bits like FA! :) ) was treated an American citizen.</p>


<p>thank you so much for that link, I will make sure to look into it and try and find out the information regarding these schools! And your right in saying that it would give me some advantages being a US citizen, as the few schools i have been in contact with have suggested that I apply as a domestic student as it could save me A LOT of money :D</p>


<p>Where about would i look for the forums for these schools? Because I have found like a tour reviews on this website, but i didn't see any like school forum on there or whatever? And, seeing from what you said in your post, did you study in australia too then went over to the states for college?</p>

<p>I've found the one for University of New Hampshire but see that not many people have posted. Worth a shot though. University</a> of New Hampshire - College Confidential Also try contacting the school to try and get more information. Why are you interested in those schools in particular? Maybe take a look at some other popular North East schools and see if they offer what you're interested in.</p>

<p>I studied high school in Australia not anything after, so it's a bit of a different situation. You just need to check with the schools what your status is. If you're considered freshman, then the process is (relatively) simple. PM me if you want more info.</p>