Babson College Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

International student

An email was sent this morning. ED decision will be out tomorrow, 12/15, at 4 pm EST.

Any word on EA?

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No, sorry.

Do EA and ED ever release on the same day?

No. I read from previous years that usually EA decisions come out within one week of ED. Good Luck!


I just emailed them about EA, and they said we will get an email tomorrow with decision release information


For real? That’s exciting. Cool that it is so soon after ED.

Actually, sorry, I read it too fast. They said we will get an email tomorrow with decision release information. Sorry about that.

Did anyone get merit scholarships?

Who got in guys? I got deferred an international student.

DS got in. No merit scholarship info.

Is she international student and did not get any scholarship notification?

He is US citizen. No scholarship notification.

Has anyone heard?

Have you got an acceptance notification yet?

Hi! so tomorrow for EA?

I think so.

Not necessarily. Tomorrow they are going to tell us WHEN we will get our EA decisions. I don’t know that they’ll actually let us know the decision tomorrow. I hope that makes sense.

ah! Thanks